Finding a curly ponytail palm?

splatteredwhim(7)September 29, 2012


I recently posted to find the ID of the pictured plant, and found out it was a ponytail palm. However, the posted plant does not belong to me, it's in my office.

I'd like to find one, but all the ponytail palms I've seen for sale are straight, or lopped off on top. I don't care for the bushy mess it makes on top when it's cut off, and I love the cascading look of this unadulterated one?

Where can I find one that is curly AND not chopped at the top, short of trying to steal the one from the lobby of my building?

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The curly ones are among my favorites. I keep my eyes open for them at Wally World...I've found/bought a couple there. That said, they're not impossible to find locally, which is probably the most cost efficient way short of ordering one online.


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Jackiem21(Zone 7- New Jersey)

Hi there, You posted a while ago. I hope you have found your ponytail palm by now :) If not, I just found 2 smaller but beautiful curly ponytail palms at Lowes. They were tagged at Beaucarnea Recurvata however, they are clearly curly yet do not have red in the new growth that I have read about with the Beaucarcea Guatamalensis... whatever they are I love them! They are beautiful and look like the one you pictured just smaller. The leaves are not as long yet. I also picked up 2 beautiful Sansevieria. I've read that both are hard to kill as long as you don't overwater, which is a great thing! :) I'm not sure how to post pics here or I would show you.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

This post inspired me to get one in hopes that it might look anything like that someday. Did you find one, splattered?

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I actually did find one...sort of. I actually found four, and they're very small. But if I can keep them long enough...

I ended up getting one of those bunches you see at big-box stores with four of them clumped together. They were in pretty sorry shape, so I separated them and potted them individually. Thankful to say they are doing much better! Three of them have curly tops, one has straight. I've attached a photo of how the runt of the bunch is doing now.

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For reference, this is what it looked like when it was separated.

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Splatter. I used to work at Home Depot.

One afternoon, the most beautiful Ponytail I'd ever seen was brought in the green house.
It stood about 6', with very long, super-curly leaves. 39.00 but worth every penny.

I should have bought it, but didn't...duh! :)

I was reading about curly Ponytails before your thread popped up.

Supposedly, curly leaf types, 'sorry, can't find species name,' are slower growers than straight leaf PT's.

The article also said, people are stealing baby, curly PT's from the wild, making it more difficult for people to buy. Nice huh?

I can't find the species name, and believe me, I've checked several sites.

Speaking of the PT in the lobby. I see moss on top soil. There's no need for fact, covering the top w/moss can invite fungus gnats.

The PT is large enough to produce babies, but without light, 'hence the moss' they might not sprout because of shade, or you can't see them.

If/When babies sprout, perhaps you can ask whomever owns the plants if you can take a baby???? Toni

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Cool to hear, and what an improvement! I got one of those clumps of babies too, pics here (and other cool pics of big ones.) Even if not curly, it should make a really cool trunk eventually.

I would also love to find some pots like the top pic in this discussion. Tall with straight sides (but preferably green or white instead of silver.) So many more plants could fit in a same space (and lower center of gravity, for those outside.) The traditional flower-pot shape is just so boring.

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