upside down tomatoes

angie83(9)April 11, 2011

Here are my week old tomatoes and peppers both doing great I made my planter out of milk jugs 4 and tie raped them kinda like the 2 liter bottle planter love this idea great space saver and I water with a ice cub I make from other bottem of milk jug works great slow watering.


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WHOA! Hold it a minute!!!! Is that holes in the bottom I see, and what are those plants on the fence? I've been sitting on the fence about veggie gardening, but never thought of the veggies doing it! When I saw your 2liter set up, I thought, why not milk jugs? I like the idea of 4 put together, but won't they be too close to each other? Just askin', I have no clue about veggie gardening....And I have never seen fence shelf gardening done!!!! That's what I love about this forum, always things "Outside The Box"!!

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The 4 milk gallon upside down pots are a first for me but for cherry tomatoes it seems to be working good so far but will see how it does if it works good ill do more and the herbs on fence are dill and parsley in smaller milk jugs and selfwatering too 2 year on doing them I know they work good .I put them on fence to keep all cats off them .Lettuce also works good in small milk jugs .

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Wonderful!! The cherry tomatoes should do well. I love the herbs on the fence!! If I had sun in my yard, that is what I would do. TFS


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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Wow, Angie, those are great ideas. Your dill looks amazing for so late in the year. Those boots are too cute. I know I saw your post on the characters from plastic bottles, I'll have to look it up. Can't remember if you did the boots then, but I'd love to see how you did that.

Your passies on your user page are impressive too. What a great garden you have!

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Very creative, love your characters on the fence also!The cherry tomato idea looks interesting. I just stuck my bell pepper in the ground-bought 1 plant & put it in a small mesh chickenwire basket thing so gopher doesn't come & eat it up. Next day found big pile of dirt in middle of my onions so "they are back". I put sticks & rocks all around plants & chickenwire over peas so crows don't eat tops off. Too many critters,now I know why FG had a completely enclosed garden even chickenwire over the top like a big 20x15 room & you had to open the door to go in. Only way to get perfect produce around here without using chemicals & traps,ugh.When tomatoes & strawberries get fruits I cover the plants with net like can-cans were made of. Birds don't get them. Like your ideas, might be able to get some to work for my yard. TFS Jan

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greensuzq2(7 TN)


I love your gallon container ideas. I have grown upside down tomatoes (sweet 100 my favorite) and am not sure if I could do one gallon containers. Too hot here and I forget to water sometimes. My hubby put a ledge on the front of our deck and I grow most of my veggie garden there. I hate weeds and love to grow veggies and herbs in containers. I am going to try your wick idea and see if that helps my watering problems.

Wish I could paint like you. I might just try since I have your templates. Thanks. Enjoy the season.

Have A Great Day!
GreenSuzq (1 and 2)
PS. Been missing this place, been busy and haven't visited as much as I like.

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Thank all ya made my day I love to garden so glad we dont get gophers here I have very small space here so I do all I can with pots I did make the boots out of clorox wipe containers only thing id do is make them selfwatering for peppers .And GreenSyzq2 easy to paint these just use a sharpy black pen to line everything its fun for grankids too .I sure hope my milk jugs make cherry tomatoes if they work ill probly paint a cow and the milkjugs the utters hehehe I so love the black and white cows .Or something neat for now I just want to make sure it will work and hold up to Texas heat .Here is the boot pics they great for peppers .

Here is a link that might be useful: Dont throw that away 2#

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As the old adage goes, "Where there's a will, there's a way! & it looks like you've found it, angie! You're gardening in a small space & getting great results & you're recycling & creating FUN & reliable GJ besides! TFS! Jeanne S.

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