Help: Mimosa Pudica getting withered, spotty leaves

Buttermellow11September 17, 2013

I bought a mimosa pudica (sensitive plant) a few months ago, and it was doing great. After a couple months though, it started to get pale spots on the leaves, and soon they would shrivel and fall off.

How I'm caring for it: near a NW facing window, gets some direct sun in the morning. Water until soil is just moist, about twice a week.

Any ideas what causes this in house plants?

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Have you looked closely for tiny creepy-crawlies? Thrips?

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I think I've figured it out! For anyone else that comes across this thread because their plants look the same, I believe the cause is SPIDER MITES. After really, really close inspection I found some tiny red crawlies on under side of the leaves. Am misting with a soap water mixture, will report back on success.

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