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birdsnbloomsSeptember 6, 2013

I realize this is a garden forum, but we spoke of garden visitors in the past.

While walking out of the store, actually two stores, this little guy/girl was sitting on the hot pavement..panting.

I walked to my car but felt bad, so went back in the store to buy a bottle of water. I then let him/her drink out of the bottle.

He/she did.

I waited near my car, then decided to open a box of cereal I purchased, walk back to the area I placed him/her in..on mulch, then gave it a few pieces.

I then came home, felt terrible. Drove back to the store, w/a box, then took him home.

His/her parents were nowhere near.

Does anyone know this bird type and if so, please let me know what it eats.
I'm going to try Facebook and Google, too.

Thanks so much.


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eaksqueak(PA 6a)

wood thrush? Whatever it is... it. is. adorable.

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Think I found it Toni.

Unless I'm mistaken that is a wood thrush.

Here's a link ti the wiki page...

Edited to "hi five" Eaksqueak. :)

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Thank you. I'm going to call a bird rescue center. I don't know what to do with the little guy/girl.

I was just near the pet store. Could have bought worms. I tried finding info what wood thrush eat..says they eat insects in summer but wil eat fruit too.

I don't know what to do with this little bird.

Darn, why did this have to happen???

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Happens all the time Toni...just not every little lost soul is so lucky as to cross paths with a caring person like yourself,and I tip my hat to you! :)

If t here's a "rescue" in your area(good heavens there SHOULD be),then I'm sure the nice people will take care of "birdie".

Good luck and keep us informed please!

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Hi Asleep.

Thank you guys.

I found a place that takes injured birds. They'll be by tonight between 7 and 7:30pm. Thank God!!!

Poor little guy is sitting in a box..probably in shock.

I gave him/her a cap filled w/water, moist bread, and some of my bird's food that contains dried fruit.

He is cute, :)

Thanks so much...

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tamela_star(Zone 7)

Definitely call them. A healthy bird wouldn't let anybody capture it. Not even a baby. I hope that's not the case, but in may I took in a baby duck that was by itself. I gave it what it needed but it died with in 2 hours. It didn't look sick when I found it, and I was going to take it to a rescue center but it didn't last long. Hopefully your little guy is in better health.

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tamela_star(Zone 7)

I'm glad he's getting help. It's a good thing you found him.

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Hi Tamela. Yes, I found a Rescue Service called Chicago Bird Collision Moniters, explained the situation.
A second woman called 5-mins later. She'll be here tonight.
I'm so happy..only hope the little guy/gal makes it.

That's sad about the duck. Did they tell you how he died?
I'm very sorry.

It's awful how so many people gives a crap.

The mall/strip was packed with people..They just walked on by. Didn't give it a second thought. It pisses me off.
Why are people so apathetic?

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My guess is that they are too busy chasing their own tails to notice.
It doesn't get the bills paid to take time out to notice,let alone HELP ,and in today's world it seems that most people are in such a hurry trying to get ahead of the eight ball that they are unlikely to notice....anything.

It's like the final episode of seinfeld when the gang not only just stands there while some poor sap is getting mugged,but laughs at them!

That's people for ya.
...And they wonder why I stay home all the time playing with my plants. HA!!

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birdsnblooms're 100% right. People care about themselves.
Dian Fossey said it best. ME I Tis.

I like living slow-pace. But, I must admit, when I drive, my speedometer exceeds at least 10 mph faster than the limit. lol

Oh yes, the Final Seinfeld Episode.
Not only did they laugh, but took pics while laughing. lol.
Remember the reason they were laughing at the guy?

Yeah, I only go places when necessary. One reason I stopped watching the news. People are getting shot while shopping! Walking down the street! Driving their cars!

It may sound paranoid, but I'd rather be a little 'noid than gone.

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tamela_star(Zone 7)

I didn't know what was wrong with it, and it happened so fast that we just buried it. My kids were sad to see it go like that, so we did that for them.

I am glad you helped out the bird. It is very lucky that you noticed it was in trouble.

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hopefulauthor, I work among some lawn care guys. You know the stereo type - hard working, tough talking, beer guzzling guys!
Then there appeared a scared, scrawny, meowing (orphaned?) kitten.
Now there are these rough and tumble guys vying against each other to see who the kitten will come to. They are buying cat food, saving bits of their own lunch etc.
And the kitten has grown, appears healthy... but still scared.
A remarkable experience for me.

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You guys are good. The bird is a Wood Thrush.

The woman from the shelter stopped by last night at 8pm, and took him/her to safety.

I want to thank everyone for your help.

After reading about Wood Thrush, there's no way the little guy would have survived here. They migrate in winter.

Ronalawn.. How cute. I can imagine these huge guys playing with a kitten. lol.
Another story with a happy ending.

I knew I could count on people here for help.

Anyway, thanks again....hugs, Toni

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