Rock garden painting

pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)April 22, 2012

Would it look " cheesy" or"redneck" to whitewash or spray paint large rocks white for accents in the rockgarden? I know over in Greece they whitewash anything that doesn't move white and it always looks so fresh and clean. Anybody know how that is done? Is it watered down white exterior paint or a special paint for masonry or stone?

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It's not tacky at all ! DH told me ,when he was in the army - they always had the decorative rocks painted white.
I've painted the cement part of my house with white outdoor latex paint. It's been years & it's holding up perfect.

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I created "rock art" for my DD. I made a wooden box - similar to a raised garden bed - and we have filled it with rocks that we have painted different colors. She goes out and makes designs in the yard with all the colored rocks. I used both spray paint and exterior latex paint - pretty much any paint I had around. The big key is to have clean rocks - which means washing all your rocks with a scrub brush, and then letting them lie in the sun to dry. I would paint 1 side of the rock, then do a second coat. Then I would flip the rocks over, paint, and second coat.

Since I have a 7 year old daughter, I can get a way with tacky or cheesy items in my yard! Though at some point I will have to stop blaming my daughter and admit to the neighborhood that these are all things I want!

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I thought you were talkining about painting on rocks as in animals,houses,flowers etc....I was on an island where everyone was painting rocks for the driveway entry...I have been obsessed with them ever since!!! I sooo wanna do some, have bought a book...paint brushes, and outdoor patio paint...but have yet done this project. I am a very bad painter....but these are some inspiring pics I took.The middle pic of a snake head, it a rock that is 4ft across!!!!!

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pippi21(Z7 Silver Spring, Md.)

Those pictures of painted animals is so unique..Somebody is a good artist!

That wasn't what I had in mind but it is nice for you to share the pictures anyway for inspiration.

In Greece, my son-in-law's Father even paints the bark of trees, gates, stucco walls, concrete floor outside on the veranda. It always looks so fresh and crisp. I didn't know if it is a special paint needed or not. Guess I could ask my Ex SIL..My husband thinks it might have been some type of lime based painted he used.

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It seems to me that a few Europeans I know around town, always paint their tree trunks, it does look fresh! Especially with the painted rocks(white) around the base of the tree.

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Those are some amazing rocks. Wish I had there painting talents. I think painted rocks would give a fresh crisp look. At our local fair last year they paint rocks pink and put them in the shape of a ribbon to honor breast cancer survivors and planted flowers in the center. It was very attractive and tasteful looking.

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