unexpected hyacinth growth cycle?

newbienewSeptember 28, 2010

My hyacinths bloomed last March. Afterwards, I put them in a northern-window room away from the window. I'd water them perhaps once ever week to two weeks.

Two weeks ago, tiny bright green sprouts began sticking up out of the bulb. They get bigger almost every day.

Two questions-

Is this normal? I thought this wouldn't happen until next year.

And how long until the hyacinth "acorn" appears?

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Since no one has answered, I'll take a shot. Hyacinths should be treated as if it were growing outside in the ground. It needs cold temps to stay dormant. If you are not keeping it cold, it will start growth but I don't think you'll get flowers.

What zone are you in? If you live in a warm zone you need to put the bulbs in the fridge or a cold garage or cellar without light. If you are in a zone with cold winters, you should do the same except you might be able to leave the pot outside buried on the North side of your house until Spring.

Bottom line - cold and dark until Spring.


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Thanks for posting!

I'm a 5b.

Should I stop watering them and keep them out of the light?

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You need to get through a cold period. Can you put the pots in a garage? I've done that for many years. I covered the tops of the pots with thick newspaper or wood boards to block light. My garage has a lot of windows.

In your zone, you do not want the pots outdoors, but the unheated garage should work. Leave them for 6 weeks and then move them into the house.

There's a lot of info on the internet about 'forcing bulbs.'


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Thank you!

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