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eekimSeptember 28, 2010

What type of plant is this? I picked it up at a chain hardware store here in California a few months ago.

The flowers were definitely not there when I bought it. I bought it mainly for the dense foliage.

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It is a Chinese Evergreen, Aglaonema pseudobracteatum. You are doing something right, never saw one in bloom!


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Yep, that's an Aglaonema alright. I've seen them blooming in bank lobbbies in NYC in the 80s. Sometimes they even go on to have little red berries, pretty.

It appears you have the light exactly right for it, good for you.

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Thank you for identifying the plant.

That wall behind it has a west facing window in the direction the flower is pointing about 2 ft away. I had considered moving the plant closer to the window, but I guess it is happy where it is now that it has flowered.

I think I've given it 0-10-10 fish fertilizer and a bit of 4-1-1 fish emulsion once at about 1/2 the recommended doses two months back. But that was it.

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Eekem..did your Aglaonema berry, too? Every so often, Aglaos bud in summer, but, at least here in IL, buds start forming in mid autumn to early summer.
I think we have the same type of Aglao.

During dry winter months, my Aglaos are brought to the kitchen sink for a shower..really perks them up.

The cultivar is 'Maria.' Most of my green Aglaos were purchased from a grower who specializes in Aglaonemas. Toni

BTW, yours is beautiful.

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alaizabelle(9a ?)

I have a very big aglao that I inherited from my great grandma. It is such a great plant!
I've been looking for another one everywhere, good find!

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No, my Algao did not berry yet. I did not even notice the flower until I took that photo. I don't want to say I neglect the plant but I really only attend to it every two weeks or so to water it.

Now you're making me wonder whether I should try to pollinate it with a brush. Many web sites suggest that I should cut the flowers off the flowers to prevent berries from developing.

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Kim, my Aglaos have never been hand/bee pollinated, yet most bloom yrly. Berries follow flowers.
I can't say whether or not removing flowers make a difference; maybe someone here will chime in. Toni

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hopfulauthor - our Aglaonemas look similar in that they have similar patterns, but I think yours has larger, or at least wider, leaves. If we compare the size of the stalk coming out of the soil and the size of the leaves the difference becomes more apparent.

The reason given by some websites about cutting the flowers are because they do not look very nice (I guess compared to something like Spathiphyllum), the berries are ugly, or it wastes energy.

There is nothing in my apt, eg pets and kids, that is in danger of possibly being sickened by the berries so that is not a concern either. (I don't actually know if the berries are toxic, but I've read the sap from these plants can cause skin irritation and nausea.)

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