Added to the Secret Garden Barn Door

jeannespinesApril 29, 2011

I added a cement star (lower left hand corner in pic) to the old barnwood door that is out in the pines in my Secret Garden. I bought a metal star dish at a GS & used it for a mold...I've also painted some blue, red & white ones...but this one is for my celestial themed door:

Here's the log swing which is part of the Secret Garden...behind the swing prairie flowers will be blooming this summer again..purple & yellow Coneflower, Bee Balm, Cup plants & a few grasses:

Here's a view of the barn door from the swing:

A few Hostas come up in front of barn door...but the bunnies seem to find them out here! LOL!

And here's a further away pic that shows the Corkscrew Willow tree planted near the swing & the pines (my namesake, jeannespines) the Secret can't see the barndoor, it's left of that garden birdhse stake & pic is dark out there:

Finally a beautiful day to be outside here in worked on some garden beds & am anxious to do more GJ decorating in them! I did put a few cement 'Shrooms around the gardens, too. TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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That is a beautiful setting. I especially like the barn door.

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Jeanne, I agree, everything is beautiful and peaceful. A lovely place to walk and sit and rest. - Marylee

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Marlene Kindred

I think this one of your barn doors is my favorite! I love the way you have it displayed and all of the celestial decorations...the new star looks perfect!

And your swing area looks so inviting for a nice, long, relaxing time! TFS!

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Love the swing, looks like it would be very comfortable! Lovely view you have created,do you leave a deep hole in the star to hang it or put a bolt in it & bolt it onto the door? What is the stain you used on the door? I really like it. Jan

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I love your cement star! I will have to watch for a cool mold like that. I like how you painted it so that it looks like metal. Gorgeous setting! Wasn't it great to finally see the sun again?

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What I love is seeing everyones garden environments and what they do with it. Yours is simply lovely and complement each other beautifully!! I love the celestrial barn door and the star you added. Now my mind is considering the necessity of learning to work with cement. TFS!!-------Sheri

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sorie6(6b ok.)

Everything looks great and what a peaceful place to rest. Great job!!

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Thanks, GJers...yes, I like to spend time in my Secret Garden & I like to use old barn doors around the place because I have "board fence" envy from seeing all the wonderful decor used on fences on this GJ forum!

sunnyca...I painted that barn door w/barn red outdoor acrylic paint before I put it out in May's just weathered some more. And when poured the star, I asked DH what he thought would work for a hanger & he thought heavy duty he twisted a pc for me & I put it in & let it dry that way...hoping it holds up's getting the "test," I guess. LOL! Jeanne S.

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Your hanger should work fine! Lovely setting, and I LOVE those log swings! I should just break down and buy one, cuz I just don't have the patience/knowhow to make one myself.

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Jeanne, I bought a metal jello mold at a thrift store today. I'm hoping I can duplicate your star!

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Your star turned out super duper and is just right on the barn door with all your great treasures. I just saw a sickle like that a garage sale and passed on it because I already have one. I love your secret garden. It brings back lots of memories for me. There were lots of pines in our yard when I was growing up. I spent countless hours making elborate pine straw houses (outlines). Your swing looks so peaceful and inviting.

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Thanks, GJ-ers...

calamity...go for it! We also bought our log swing about 6 yrs ago...waited for a good price & got this one...I give it a sloppy paintbrush job once a yr of deck sealer & it's held up good so far.

luna...yeah! you found a mold already!

frou...glad to share in your childhood memories. Jeanne S.

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

I love your secret garden. We all need one. The barn door is wonderful. Love the wagon wheel. So hard to find.

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

Pines are a big part of my childhood memories too. Played under them all the time growing up in WI. Smells so good but gotta keep that sap out ofyour hair,lol.

I love your star. You know I'm wondering if you could embed some 'things' in the bottom of it. Just a thought.

I'm glad for you that it's finally spring in zone 4. Jeannie I love your secret garden place. TFS your world with us.

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chevy57red(3/4 MN)

I could come and sit in your swing anytime!!

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