Peace Lily Propagation

TheMasterGardener1(5B)September 9, 2012

I got this peace lily when it very small.I had it in a plastic cup for a while when I first got it. It is a small variety. I made three plants from it and wanted to show how is easy it is.

It is growing incredibly fast after getting it into bark. Here it is before seperation.

Remove it from the pot and seperate a few plants making sure there are roots on the plant you take.

There is the three plants with roots.

Here the roots of a little plant I took from it a few days ago. Look at those roots!!

The medium I use is the 511. I had the mother plant in a larger bark mix which was growing it great too.

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I have a small variety that is in gravel with the pot sitting in water. Having circulation around the roots is important. That's why it's good to have a very course medium for them.

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Thanks for responding tropic. Good point on the course medium.

Is your variety look to be as small as mine is? I am wondering if I have the smallest or not.

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Mine's the smallest variety that I've seen. I have a larger one that is about waist height, this one is a little bit more than 20 cms tall and stands in a fish pond. There's automatic sprinklers, the water runs (and pushes air) down through the medium. The plant roots run out into the water and collect whatever goodies they like. Seems to be an all round happy situation.

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Wow! Just like they grow in the wild! :)

Very nice pic.

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