More Crystal Plate Flowers

becky_ia(z4 IA)April 23, 2008

Can't hardly keep up with these! Everyone wants one. So made more to sell at the Garden Art Fair (will take four or five) and then will sell them at my plant sale May 10. Also have been invited to Gardens in Bloom in June if I have any left. I need more copper tubing! Really had fun with these as I found a new place to buy my treasures. This place had some colored glass that I could use. What do you think?

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Bright199(foothills NC)

I totally love it all.... You are soo talented with these. I'll take 2 please...or maybe all of them!!!!

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Okay, give up the secrets...ya gotta share how you make these! What's the green stuff you use for leaves? How do you stick everything together? Is it more than one plate layered with silicone to hold it or do you use something like liquid nails? Do they hold up well outside? Where do you get the copper pipe and is it expensive? Come on...share!:0) Love them, all of them, they are just absolutely gorgeous!!!


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becky_ia(z4 IA)

Ok Robin, I will tell! First of all I search all the good will, second-hand, bargain stores for any crystal looking glass. First piece has to be the largest and a small plate works the best. Second piece should be curved and smaller (ash trays, small candy dishes, custard/ice cream cups. Third should be the smallest, candle holders seem to work the best. They all have to fit inside each other. And..NO GLUE.

We use a glass/tile drill bit and drill a hole in the middle of each piece. Then insert a long screw through all three pieces and secure with a nut to the copper stake. The stakes are 1/2 " copper tubing purchased at my local hardware store and it is expensive...about $2 per foot!

Next, drill a hole in the copper tubing and insert the screw through the three pieces of glass and the copper tubing. Attach with a nut and tighten slightly. Embellish with jewlery.

The leaves- wire I also found at the local hardware store called plastic coated cable. You drill a small hole where you want to add the leaves. Take a piece of the green cable about 2 ft. Wrap a soup can around the end (curl it) and insert in the copper pipe and then curl the other side-same way. Be sure to add a copper cap to keep the rain out of the pipe..

As far as displaying in the garden, take a rebar and insert it in the ground. Put your stake overtop of the rebar. Will help keep the stake upright.

I also make several suggestions- keep out of direct sunlight, find a protected place. Bring in if hail is predicted!

This is the first year I have made them, so am not sure how they will hold up. I suggest they study the spot they want to put the flower stake in and when it turns cold, bring them in for the winter.

Does that help?


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Becky, I loved hearing NO GLUE. I need to buy one of those bits and try my hand at drilling glass. Do you also use water as you drill glass 'n tile or just drill slowly to not break the pieces?

hugs, Karen

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YEAH BECKY!!! You ROCK (as my kids would say). Thanks so much for all the instructions. I'm going to print this thread and after I finish all my other projects I just might have to try one of these!

Thanks so much!!! And yes, I'm interested in more about the drill bit, there one that specifically states it's for glass and tile? I've drilled through terra cotta before but never anything like a glass plate.

Thanks again!!!

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becky_ia(z4 IA)

We tried using an oil for lubrication but it just gums up the drilling. These drill bits are made for glass and tile and seem to work better with NO liquid.

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kudzukween(8 MS)

Love those! You found the perfect pieces:) My husband bought a diamond drill bit for drilling glass mason jars and plates for his birdfeeders. He bought the size he needed that's the same size as his bolt.

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You can drill through a mason jar?! Cool! Well I guess if Becky can drill through a glass plate then why not a mason jar, huh? Duh.

kudzu, do you have any pictures of your DH's birdfeeders? I'm intrigued by this!!


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You do such a terrific job on these Becky!

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Those are so pretty ! I Bet they just sparkle in the sun !!! ( Addicting , aren't they ? )LOL

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goldiemn(Z4 MN)

Yes, revisiting these plate flowers. Somewhere I read that you need to put metal washers between each piece of glass. Is this correct? I tried making one & using a bolt and a small knob to secure. Plates still moved around so I added E6000 between all. Maybe the bolt was a little too long so the knob wouldn't tighten? Not sure.
Plan on selling them. What would you suggest for a price? What has anyone seen for prices?
Thanks. Carol

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I like the way you did the leaves on your flowers. It add just another lovely touch.

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I recently saw some of these at a craft fair. They used the same size copper pipe to hold the plates together and then used a copper elbow joint to hook the "plates pipe" to the "stem pipe". The plates wiggle a bit but it works.
Also they hot glued a glass marble to the "plates pipe" for the center of the flower and it looked wonderful. They sold out and they where charging $20 a flower!

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Wondering if anyone has had a problem with their plate flowers cracking? Using silicone to glue plates and auto goop for spoons. It is very random where they get cracks. Maybe just flaws in the glass, or I'am using too much glue or pressing to hard??? Only has been a few but would like to correct it if it's something I'am doing. Still put ones in the yard and haven't fallen apart. But my inlaws wanted some but don't want to give them one and then they crack.Would appreciate any info, Thanks suebee

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