Cyclamen Dead?

lexie1397September 30, 2007

Hi All!

I have a question about my cyclamen. Six months ago I moved to a place that had very little light, and my cyclamen responded by dropping all of it's leaves over a period of about five months. Since then, I stopped watering it, thinking it may need some dormant time after three and a half years of either growing or maintaining itself. Now, I am hoping the cooler weather, a new location and some light will bring it back. Am I right, or is my cyclamen a hopeless pot of dirt?

There are three areas where leaves have traditionally grown from, and they all feel solid-no moist rotting. It has been recieving smatterings of rain but I know they don't like to be soggy so I've been trying to keep it fairly dry while there's nothing going on up top. It's in a 12" clay pot that is shorter than the typical shape. I think when I potted it I was still naive and gave it about 1/3 sand for drainage, 4/6 garden soil from Mom's house and a couple handfuls of mostly finished compost. (I think it forgave me, at least until recently. No real bug problems either!). It is now outside on my porch-where the temps have been between 65 and 80 during the day and at least 40 at night.

Ok enough of my chatter... time for direct questions!

Is there hope?

How much water should it be getting? (I try to bottom water)

Are the temperatures appropriate? What is the lowest and highest it should see?

How soon should I expect to see some improvement?

Should I give it a dilute fertilizer?

Anything else???

Thank you all so much


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Hi Lexie..Wow, girl..a 12" pot? How big is your cyclamen? When did you repot your plant in this pot?
It's been a long time since I've had a cyclmen, but what I'd do is, in winter it'd flower. Flowers lasted several months..after flowers died, which was, oh about Mar/Apr, I'd remove faded blooms and put on a diet..Stopped feeding, little water, (I bottom-watered, but pot wasn't larger than 4 or 6") I've never bottom-watered a container larger than 6". In spring, (50-60F) it'd go outside..while old leaves were dying, new leaves grew in..That's how I knew the plant was still kicking. After new growth filled the pot, I'd start fertilizing. Kept out till late Sept/early Oct, when temps were in the 40's..once in the house, I'd place on a cool, ceramic floor, brightly lit, and only watered during the day, preferably morning.
Give your Cylamen time..see if it grows new leaves. Once you see foliage a bit of diluted fertilizer should do..
How deep did you plant the corm? I never covered it completely, well, I did, but basically a fine scatter of sandy soil..I too added sand in the soil..
My only concern is the size of your it deep?? Maybe I'mn wrong, Lexie, but I thought Cyclmen did best in shallow containers..No? Feel corm if possible..if it's firm then it's alive, if squishy, well, you know...I hope it'll grow for you..Toni

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