What would you do with this?

mla2ofusApril 21, 2014

DH was able to get 2 of these that a store was tossing. They are a square, 13 inches on each side and 6 1/2 feet tall. The only idea I have is an arbor but a twining vine would be hard to trim or take down with it being a square. DH is a welder so he could cut 2 sides out of each and weld them together and use the cut out for the top. I already have 2 arbors so I'm looking for more ideas. They are pretty heavy duty.

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Dang looked at your "My Page" We are both in Idaho. Bring them to me. I need some thing to hold up my farm gate. LOLJoking of course. But we are even in the same zone in ID. I am in Midvale. Close to Weiser.

I have never done this so I really do not know how hard it would be. I was thinking drill a hole in bottom of wine bottles and thread them up the interior wires. Well I know they are not wire but I can not think of the word for it. Then just let them be sparkly pillars in your garden. Blue bottles would be gorgeous if you have some. Maybe some thing on the top. Big glass fish bowl topper. OH A light would be wonderful in this too.

Not sure how you would keep them from falling over. Some thing in the ground. Small cement foundation?? Very cool things.

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Iwouldput pots of flowers in the two bottom areas and a birdbath on the top and a butterfly feeder on the third one... you could make an awesome windchime too... ginny

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I like the idea of pots on the x-shelfs. A bird bath on top would be kind of tall to enjoy. A make shift arbor would be pretty awesome, you don't have to put a vine on it, just find a sweet secret place to stand it and do the pot thing. I think this is the best saving of a toss I've ever seen!!

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How about using it horizontally, after attaching it somewhere? Same idea for the trellis but just train something to go across it instead of up it.

If it's too heavy for horizontal then I can just think about a vertical trellis for now.

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An outdoor light would be cool. I like the idea of the blue bottles with lights. OR you could make a big windchime!

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OHHHH Big wind chime. Friend did one using an old swing set legs for the chime tubes. It sounded wonderful. She said it was a trick to get them tuned.= Cutting them to the right lengths.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I think its marvelous tho I dont have a new idea. Be sure to post a pic or 2 of what you do with.

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I love a DH who is a good scrounger! I would use them as a trellis for a type 3 clematis. IMO one can never have too many clematis. Only the leaf petioles twine, so once frost has killed them back for the year it is easy to clip them off leaving 2 or 3 buds on each stem, and then pull away the dead top growth.

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Than you for the great suggestions. They would be pretty as a pot holder but I'm the worlds worst at watering enough. :) I have a trellis going into the veggie garden on one end but nothing on the other. I think instead of connecting them as an arbor, I'll just stand them up on the end side of the gardens center walkway (staked down real good) and plant scarlet runner beans or annual vine. That way if I (or some one here) comes up with a better idea I won't have to ask DH to change it.

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