desert rose help please!

lil_green_thumbSeptember 22, 2007

I got one of these little over a yr ago. It is doing wonderfully. At Lowe's 2 weeks ago they had 2 of them on clearance. Marked down from $16 to $5. Healthy plants-one had 2 blooms on it!. Only thing I hated was the glued down rocks around the base.

I have rocks around the one i already have to help drainage and keep some of the water from the base of the plant. but I did not glue them down LOL.

they did great the first week. Now leaves are drying and shriveling and falling off. I have not repotted them yet. Am going to repot one to see if that will help any.

Its driving me crazy.

Can anyone help me with the care of this plant? Advice? Anything?

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Hi Lil...You really lucked out on the price you paid for your Desert Rose..
Good luck removing the glued stones; they are a pain.
You may need to break the pot w/a hammer..don't like doing it, especially if the plant is in a nice container.
Care: Fall and winter. Reduce water and stop fertilizing. Keep outdoors till temps drop in the 40's.
Spring and summer..As soon as days lenghten and warm up, set outside in semi-bright area, gradually setting in full sun. Give a light dose of fertilizer. Follow instructions on fertilizer bottle for dossage and times to feed. Water more during summer months, in winter, very little water is needed. I water in winter, but allow soil to dry out thoroughly, otherwise the trunk will rot.
BTW, during winter, mine are placed in sw windows.
It's important DR isn't overwatered. It's best to do so when soil is entirely dry.
What type and size pot are you going to transplant in? I'm experimenting with one, growing in a bonsai pot..the other's in an 8" plastic pot.
Don't overpot..This is also important..
Use a well-draining soil, such as a cactus w/extra Perlite. Or mix your own soils.

There's a whole other issue growing DR..I was reading the other day that some DR's are grafted and others aren't..In this case, care differs..Toni

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Toni - ty for all the help!
They came in plastic pots so no worries about busting it up! lol Just gives me less to clean and reuse.
I am going to take these back outside. Its still not that cool here. I havent brought in my Sago Palms yet either.

Most times I mix my own soil.......Basically depends on what it its I am potting.

Pot size? LOL.......let me say i know nothing about pot sizes...... what i do is when i buy a plant if it doesnt appear rootbound i get a pot the same size as the one it is in. If it is root bound i know i will remove some roots but I place the pot it is in inside another pot until i find one just an inch bigger than the one i bought it in- then i transplant to the new pot.. (did that make sense?)
The only plant i think i overpotted size wise is the corn plants i got on clearance. one had 3 trunks (for $3) and one had 2 (for $1)- I combined those into one pot. it still seems 2-3 inches too much room.


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and window light???
what is that??? LOL Just Joking
I keep my mouth shut when someone asks for opinions on light. My house faces west. back of the house is east.
nice sunsets viewable from my living room.
i have no north or south windows (IDK why they didnt put a window or two on the ends of the house)
My plants adjust to my light is all i can say.
they do very well. and not all are near or in windows. my floor plan is quite open - living room and dining room part = so i get a nice cross there of afternoon and evening sun. and its very bright.

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odyssey3(7 noVA)

I got of these (full price though) at my Lowe's. It lost a bunch of leaves and I pulled off the sickly looking ones, so the result was not too many leaves left. It quickly branched out in a few weeks and has given me a gorgeous bloom. You wouldn't even know it was the same plant. I did repot it right away, ditched the stone layer, and put it in full sun on my porch. I think this is a tough and forgiving plant.

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