Umbrella plant

ken2256(5b)September 25, 2013

picked one up today and hoping to transform it to semi hydro.....any suggestions...anybody doing this way...Thanks

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auron22(6b OH)

Sorry for the lack of replies, not sure if there are very many hydro or S/H growers on houseplants. There is a hydroponics forum. They might be have the answers you seek. I'll provide a link.

There are a few plants that go by the common name umbrella, my first thought is schefflera. Is that the plant you are talking about?

I have two schefflera arboricola's (one variegated). I completely ignored both of them all summer and they show no signs of stress. They are both potted in MG potting soil (which I plan on changing this spring to 5:1:1 mix) They seem drought tolerant even in containers. They are large pots though. S/H is just clay balls in a pot right? If it drains I think the schefflera should be fine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hydroponics forum

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hello Auron, yes it is schefflera, picked it up for 3 bucks at floral shop, took it home transplanted it into my mix, but made mistake of letting it sit in the hot sun coming thru windows and wilted it bad, but it is alive, and yes i want to transfer it to the clay balls and see how it does, and yes they drain real quick like and hold a little moisture.yes i have been to the hydro forum, and thank you for the reply.

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