glass flowers

cnm1(6 Oh)April 3, 2012

Thanks to all the great ideas that I found on this site - I have made my 1st glass flowers. I am very happy with them

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Great looking plate flowers ! I'll warn you - you'll never look at plates the same way again. When you see dishes ,in your mind you'll be thinking of which plates fit together , which colors match,
what would make a good center ...... LOL
It's an addiction !!!!!

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cnm1(6 Oh)

Boy - do I know that. My dining room is now filled with plates I found in the attic or picked up at a thrift store!!! I love it!! I drilled these and used screws. I haven't covered the screws yet - I am thinking of using thimbles. I also plan to try spoons, hockey pucks, bottles, glue - see what happens. Cheap, fun and pretty.
I still can not figure out how to post photos directly. Every time I tried I get a warning that the post is too large.

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Your plate flowers are lovely. I hope you will show us the other things when you make them. I am not really very good at posting pictures, but I am sure that one of the ladies here on the forum will talk you through it.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

They are beautiful! The circle design on your pretty blue pot seems to be a representation of a plate flower too!
Someday I may learn to drill the dishes. For now its silicone. Welcome to the addiction, as Kathy says.

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Very pretty. What are you using for stems ? - Laura

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Aren't these flowers fun to make? Yours are absolutely gorgeous! My favorite is the blue one. They attract the eye in the garden don't they. As tomuchglass said, you'll never look at another beautiful plate without thinking,"How would that look as a flower?" They are addictive but soooooo much fun. Thanks for sharing your creations, that is where all of us get inspiration, from each other.

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Marlene Kindred

Great job! Your plate flowers look beautiful! And yes, they are addicting, so be warned !

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cnm1(6 Oh)

Thanks everyone - you are only encouraging this new addiction!!! The stems are an old galzanized pipe a friend had in her garage. I am also thinking of golf clubs and the straight part of old metal crutches. I bought some copper pipe for future use but it is pricey and I would really like to focus on recycling stuff. I do love the look of rebar though and a friend gave me a hockey puck - which made so excited I almost went into spasms :)
I am not working on my birthday next week and what are my plans - Unique thrift store on its 50% off day!!! Woohoo!!

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I thought I had posted before but looking back
I see that I didn't. Of course, I love the blue one, but that clear one with the
beautifully shaped green in the middle is really pretty.
My birthday is next week too but you have a gift I don't!
A 50% off day at the thrift shop-LOL

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HAhahaha `~~~ You ARE ofically HOOKED !

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