glue for totems...

obxgirl(zone 8)April 3, 2009

Hello all! Just a quickie question.....everyone seems to be using that ge silicon II. Is there anything else I can use? I saw one person said she used marine sealant???? I live out in no mans land on the coast of NC. I can't find that GE stuff? Please advise! TIA

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I also use aquarium glue. susie

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Where do you get the aquarium glue? I have been trying the GEII and getting frustrated...for some reason it doesn't seem to dry completely and I have had several things fall apart.

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I use GEII for all my bbs and totems and they are doing fine. The only other that I have used is Locktite plumber & marine adhesive sealant from Lowes and E6000 found at Hobby Lobby. Many of your building stores have all kinds of glue that can be used.

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It doesn't cures (GE silicone II). If it doesn't cure it might be past the expiration date. I got some of that when I first stared making the totems and glass flowers and it's the pits! What I have now works great.

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obxgirl(zone 8)

Great! Thanks! I think i have seen the e6000 in my area! Will try that. Yes, I am hooked on totems now and am trying my hand at maybe putting a nice clear vase in the middle of my totem and stuffing it with sand and seashells and using it as a deck decoration????? What do you guys think?

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

obxgirl I think your idea sounds nice.
Micki I think your ge II is spoiled. I had a tube that was bad even tho the date was ok. And I've had old tubes that still worked. Soo I guess it depends on what its been exposed to. (temperatures maybe?)
I got some Mac Glue and unfortunately my out door experiment with glass blobs on a upside down glass bowl didnt work out very well. They fell off in a few days and the geII ones are still there 3 mo later. I am thinking that it may be that a couple days to cure enough inside wasn't long enough before putting it outside in January, so I'm going to try again. It dries beautifully clear. I used it on the garden junk on my house for Toomuchglass. If it does work better on glass after curing, the one thing that ge II still has on it is volume. GE is globby and fills spaces and grabs stuff. Mac glue is more watery and things need to be held in place or at least be flat more or less so they don't slide around. The Mac site says its good on outdoor mosaics so I'll try it with non glass as well as flatter glass soon and report back.

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Aquarium glue is in the glue isle at Lowes.

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E6000 has been my glue of choice for inside for a long time, but I don't know how well it works outside. Does anybody else know?

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obxgirl(zone 8)

Wow thanks so much for all of your advice! >OOUh oh...hubby says he can see ADDICTION written on my forehead already !hahhahahhahahhaha Hugs,Wendi

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obx, I like your idea for the totem. Hope to see a photo of it soon! I only use the GE II and think its great. I did get a bad tube once from Walmart, so started buying it from Home Depot instead. And always check the date. I got a caulking gun and the large tube. After I use it, I just squeeze a bit of extra and LEAVE on the end. That seals it great and you can just pull it off when you want to use the gun again. I let mine cure overnight, then move to the yard. I have to remember not to put it on too thick tho, that messes up the curing time.

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obxgirl(zone 8)

Great advice... am looking forward to a new craft!

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I've only used E6000 & it works great for my totems. It holds up great in the weather! Haven't had any condensation yet (knock on wood.) Several pcs. are over 2 years old. I bring them in during the winter months though.

Good luck!! :o)

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I've always used GE Silicone II and (touch wood) have never had a problem. I've only had one joint come apart when it was moved but have made dozens of glass totems so that's not bad odds.

What my DH showed me to do is to stick a 2" nail with a head in the end to seal it. Pulls right out easily to use.

I've sold lots of totems but every spring have the urge to make more so have to sell some more. After all how many totems can a garden hold? :-)

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