Pothos in water wilting

sunnyvalley(Phoenix)September 15, 2012

I have a few-month-old pothos cutting in water that's looking dull and wilty even though I've been pretty good about changing the water every few days.

1) Would it be happier in soil? I know water roots should only be about an inch long if you pot up, and mine are several. Can I cut them way back if I want to try potting?

2) Is is good or bad to add a little hydrogen peroxide to the water? I've read it's supposed to help oxygenate roots in soil, but I don't know if that logic carries to plants entirely in water.

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Sunnyvalley..That's odd your Pothos is behaving poorly in water.

How long is the cutting and did you remove bottom foliage so leaves are not sitting in water? The lower stem, that makes contact with water should be leaf-free.

What about light? Is your Pothos in sun, and if so how much?
One thing about Pothos...they do fine in low light. Direct sun can bleach leaves and/or cause wilting.

Soil vs water.. What is your preference? Pothos do well in soil or water. If you decide to pot your Pothos in soil, it might continue wilting for a short period, but after adaption should be okay.

There's no need to cut water roots. In fact, I'd let them be. Good luck, Toni

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