Carrot, Radish and Peas have black dots on leaves?

HarishkumarOctober 6, 2012


This is the first vegetable bed I have built and try to grow winter vegetables. I planted burpees seeds and I have lot of leaves for all them showing up and they are 1-2 inches higher than the soil level.I have been watering them everyday using the drip zone from lowes as well as it has rained 3-4 times last one month. My question is

The Radish leaves and peas leaves have started getting black dots on some leaves and I am worried that it might be some disease, What do the experts think? What should I do? Also I got the soil from natural garderner one month before

Hill Country Garden Soil: a multi-purpose blend of premium composts, soil, composted rice hulls, and decomposed granite.

Great for natives, xeriscapes, herbs, and vegetables. Recommended for raised beds and large planter boxes. A LADY BUG NATURAL


Do I need to add any fertilizer or manure now? if so what kind?

Thanks in advance for all the help!



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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Please post images. Without them, it's impossible to be certain of the diagnosis.

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Here is the picture!

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Here is the second picture!

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looks like grey/black leaf spot...alternaria spot.

also, your soil might be magnesium deficient (maybe due to pH or level deficiency) given the look of the older leaves.

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Where do we get our soil tested? I am seeing little black spotd on my OKRA plants too! Can somebody confirm the cause of the above problem?

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