Pony Tail Palm Outside in Coastal Los Angeles

yorkiemikiSeptember 11, 2013

Hi I live in San Pedro, CA and wanted to plant the pony tail palm outside in between the sidewalk and street (city property, i know that they have city rules for this sort of thing)

I was wondering how big or invasive this plant can be? Would the roots go very deep or cause any plumbing problems? Also any foundation or sidewalk problems with the caudex (the round exposed rootball)?

Perhaps I could plant it above the soil line so the caudex doesn't get to big?

Right now I had some advice that said it isn't too invasive but I want to be sure with anyone else here

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I would try this post on the cacti and succulent forum. There are a lot of folks there from your neck of the woods who have these plants outside and can give you a better answer.

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And I thought we had.

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I would call my municipality to check if I were you. These rules are very specific to localities as you mentioned.

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