Schefflera - how much light?

ptwonlineSeptember 21, 2013

I just bought a Schefflera (it's a variegated one) that I was told would be suitable for growing in my basement. But having done some research it sounds like these plants need more light. My basement gets very little sunlight (just one tiny window) and the LED lightbulbs always make the basement seem a bit dim.

Do you think the plant will do ok? Or do I need to move it some place brighter (to a room with mostly indirect/filtered sunlight, but a fairly bright room). If I have to move it, any suggestions for a good basement plant? My basement needs some cheering up/life to it. Thanks.

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ptwonline, the short answer is "No".
A longer answer is:
Move the plant gradually from its present light level to the basement. This may take as long as six weeks.
Do not water the plant until the plant shows signs of (di)stress. The lowest leaves will droop, turn yellow and drop off. The whole plant (pot and all) should weigh much less.
At this stage, you should water it very carefully.
The plant will adjust to the reducing light by shedding enough vegetative material to the point where a balance is reached between light and photo synthesis.
You will provide just enough water to make sure that this balance is maintained - no more!
There is a school of thought that an indoor plant should be grown out to size and shape and then just maintained at that level - a living sculpture, if you like.
You might not like how it looks but it will be a functioning entity.
If your efforts are failing, remove the plant to a brighter location and put a "ZZ" plant in the basement.

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