My Rustic Arbor

kirkus(5a)April 4, 2007

Just wanted to share my rustic arbor. This is my second time in sharing one of my projects in Garden Junk! I've really enjoyed reading and seeing people's great ideas! I guess this is considered Garden Junk because it is made from recycled materials. When builders cleared the property down the road for a new house, they had a HUGE pile of debris which they were going to burn. Many river birch trees were in the I asked if I could clear the pile for them in exchange for the trees and branches. They were glad to be rid of the debris, and I was glad to have recycled material to build this arbor and adjoining fence! I cemented the posts in the ground and haven't had a rotting issue. I joined the pieces with whatever leftover screws and nails I had from past projects. The fence gate is hung with metal strips of pipe hangers. The vine grew in one year...silver's a prolific grower! The arbor leads into the woods. I hope you enjoy the picture.

Image link:

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Gorgeous, Kirkus!!

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TwoMonths(So Calif)

That is wonderful. I wish I had thought of that when I inherited some birch from a friend's cut tree and later the branches from a neighborhood tree. I went back for a second load and someone had taken the rest...shoot.

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That is totally awesome. You did a fantastic job on it.
Living in the desert, Phoenix, I already had serious Tree Envy. LOL But this really makes me feel deprived.
Can't wait to see more pix of your yard.


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Really beautiful....what a wonderful setting.

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How pretty! You did a fabulous job.

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ellens_joy(NE okla)

That is fantastic... I love the vine the arbor, the fence and the neat stepping stones. You are very talented with your visions. I don't know what lies beyond in the woods, but the temptation to follow the path would be more than I could stand if I were there. More pics, More pics !!

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Many thanks for all of your encouragement! I am inspired by your kind words! I am also inspired by YOUR many ideas on the forum! Thank you!

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that is really great...quite enchanting :-)


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ellens_joy(NE okla)

Kirkus, I have your arbor on my desktop as wallpaper. I am really taken with the Silver Lace vine. It appears to be in a fairly shaded area. Will it tolerate sun and if so how much? Is it hard to control? Appreciate any info on it. Again I love your arbor, fence and path.

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susie_gardener_2007(OK 7)

That is so pretty. Good job! Thanks for showing it to us.


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Love it!! ~Anj

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Ellens-joy, Thank you for your compliments! You made my day!!! The Silver Lace is in the Clematis family. I have mine planted in a shady/sunny gets sun about 1/4th of the day and shade the rest. The ground where I planted the Silver Lace is really moist. I gave one to a friend who planted it in the direct Sun, and it didn't do very well. It grows soooooo quickly but so easy to control. I just trim it back some in the early spring. In the picture, I have a Silver Lace planted on each side of the arbor. The deer aren't supposed to like it but if you look on the left-hand side of the arbor, you'll notice less foliage!!! Oh, well, I think their trimming helped the plant get fuller on top! Ha! Enjoy! It's my favorite, most-rewarding plant! Again, thanks again for making my day!!!! Kirk

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kudzukween(8 MS)

That's beautiful,I like the path,too.

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ellens_joy(NE okla)

Kirk, Thanks so much for the info. We just built a deck for our travel trailer (8'x12'uncovered) at the lake and stained it chesnut brown. The deck is really stout and has railings around it. I think silver lace is just what it needs. There are no other plantings, so it won't have to compete for space. It gets about six hours of sun in the morning and dappled shade until sundown. I think silver lace will do the trick. I wonder if I can get it at my local Lowes or nursery. Thanks Kirk for the quick reply.

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Awesome work, I would love a look into those woods also.


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Ellen, I found the Silver Lace in a local nursery and have seen it in the summer nurseries of department stores as well as in various plant catalogues. Usually available at the start of the plant season. I'm anxious to hear if you find it and like it as much as I do. Your spot sounds perfect...the railings are great because it likes to latch onto something. Have FUN! Kirk

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Bright199(foothills NC)

Ditto!! Very pretty. It seems to say "RIGHT THIS WAY"!

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Nell Jean

Improvisational Carpentry! One of my favorite garden projects. I use eastern red cedar. DH saves every big limb or tree he cuts for my next projects since the Stick House turned out so well.

Even little branches can be turned into a small wattle fence or trellis, for those who aren't handy at building.

Good job on the fence and arbor.


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lilpeaches(W Illinois)

Kirkus- Love your arbor! I also have silver lace vine planted across my front door-I bought mine in April last year and by the fall it was over 20 feet long! Mine is planted on the east side of my house. I didnt have an arbor so I just used 2 sticks of rebar but this year I'm making an arbor. GREAT JOB ON YOURS!!

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Your arbor and fence look like something out of a fairytale!
I love it!....really awesome!


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You are a man after my own heart!! LOVE IT ALL!! I've saved a bunch of limbs and want to do something like that myself - one day. It's just perfect!!!

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I was cleaning up my gardens today and cutting back the Silver Lace on my arbor. After winter, I hung the small ceramic sign back up on the center of the arbor. It reads, "A GARDEN OF FRIENDS IS ALWAYS IN BLOOM." Hey, that could be our motto for the Garden Junk forum!!!

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LOVE your arbor. You did a fantastic job on it and the fence as well. Great Garden Art. I have collected cedar trees to do an arbor too. I would love to see a close up pic of how you did the sides. I'm just flying by the seat of my pants on this project.

Thank you for the kind words on my rocking chair. I got the idea from my cousin. She has had one for years...we just visited her over Easter and I'm sending a picture of what is left of her chair. I love it!

this was it before it fell totally apart


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Love your arbor. I want to take a walk there. It looks so peaceful - I can just about hear some birds chirping. It is beautiful!

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Dear Quincelover... FINALLY! I went outside this evening and took some shots of the sides of the arbor up close for you. Sorry it took soooooooo long! These photos are from the side. The Silver Lace vine branches are intertwined with the arbor:

This is looking up at the top:

And this is looking at the arbor from the back:

Good Luck! Cedar branches will bring you long life to your arbor. Oh, I also used a book, MAKING BENTWOOD TRELLISES, ARBORS, GATES, AND FENCES by Jim Long, for ideas! Happy building! Kirk

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I love rustic twig and log items. That is a gorgeous arbor. I've been saving up my birch logs, but don't have the right sizes to make much yet. One I cut to prop up a window which won't stay open otherwise lol. I bought a book about that type of thing, but most of it is willow which I wouldn't know where to find around here without trespassing or taking from public property.

That books sounds like a better one for my interests than the one I have.

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