where do spider mites hide?

xmikelx(6)September 4, 2011

i just found a very ligt infestation of mites.

i took all of my plants and placed them into a bucket ( one at a time)full of water, hand soap, and alchohol; i did not put any certain about of pumps or tblspoons. the pot was mostly submerged then, i sprayed the foliage with same solution.

i posted this on pest and diseases also, in hopes of getting more answers or information from different people. :)

i left the plant like this for idk maybe 20 to half hour like this ,sitting in solution, for each plant. i did this to even ones that didnt have any mites.

the one that i am worried about is my stromanthe tricolor.:( it had the most and its the only one which i see 1 or 2 here nd there after the "bath".

i do not see mites on the actual foliage,which is weird, only walking along the outside of clay pot. so...... do mites hide in the soil or near drainage holes or in foliage???

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Hi....one thing that I have learned about mites is they are every where....
under the leaves...
on the stems of the leaves, trunks of the plants...
under the rim of the pots...
in the pot trays....
on pot hangers...
on plant stands...
if you dollies ar table covers with lace...in the lace and clothe....
as I said they are every where.....
I have washed everything the plant and pot touches or is near....good luck...I have had these little beggers...not easy to get rid of....linda

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thanks for reply. i most definitely did clean my plant area. wiped area down.

i guess i will be diligent in this little war. hopefully i win, i dont want a reapeat of last year, i had to toss numerous plants out because of heavyyy infestation of mites. :(

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Spider mites can come from anywhere. They thrive in dry conditions and they really love certain plants. They are easy to control by spraying them with water and keeping the air around the plant as humid as possible (which is difficult in a house). You had the right idea soaking them, but you don't want to soak your plants too often, because then root rot and soil gnats will become problems.

I have a few plants that get spider mites during the winter. I spray those plants a few times a week to keep the spider mites from infesting them. I use a mist spray bottle with a little bit of ivory soap in it. For heavy infestations, I will wipe the leaves with a damp cloth, soaking the cloth in soapy water between each leaf. Not all plants will get spider mite, so it's easier to just focus on treating the plants that have them, and try to keep others at a distance.


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thanks amy. i have been spraying and wiping more often. and i have yet to see any mites.. i think i won im so happy.

seems quick though. ill keep an eye on my stromanthe.

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