Buying stuff just because it's cheap

toomuchglass(5)April 12, 2012

Ohhhhhhh - I am SO guilty of that. If I see something for pennies on the dollar - I'll buy it and think of what I'll do with it later. I learned to buy before thinking because I've lost out on so many things that I didn't buy - when I went back ,they were gone. Lesson learned ! Here's my latest "Had to have it because it was cheap " purchase.

Yellow Glass Vases.It's actually yellow - not painted on .

I could have bought them all out - but I limited myself to 6.

*It took every ounce of willpower that I could muster up !*

They were $3.99 marked down to 47 cents !

I want to know what's the last thing you bought because it was cheap ? -- or am I the only one ?

PS -- that's my little car in the backround ...

the rummage mobile ~ LOL

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cnm1(6 Oh)

YESSSSS. I bought a thick rusted metal cap (4 inches wide) at Habitat for Humanity because it was 50 cents. I put in my gravel/stone path. I like random objects in my path. I have no idea what it is.
I also pick up some wierd farm tool there - $1.50. I think it might be some type of potato lifter. I plan to use it as decoration in my garden - I thought it had nice lines :)
I do that alot at Habitat. THere are the old 12 inch square terra cotta foundation blocks I picked up there 3 years ago for $1-2 each. I had no idea what I would do with them but they ended up as part of my garden path and borders. Here is a link to my path.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Marlene Kindred

Are you kidding me?? I do that all of the time! That's why my craft "shed" needs to have it's own personal yardsale! Love the yellow glass vase...don't come across those very often and the price, well...Priceless!

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For me lately it is crystal and glass. Did my Christmas tree in glass and silver with some white, now I would do everything in the house with them.

Struck paydirt last week, went to a SH place, they had a whole room full. Got a lamp with a crystal base, glass vases(only 20), some clear, some colbolt blue ones,(DD wedding color is blue), some candlesticks, bowls, wine glasses, sugars/creamers, serving plates. Some .50 some 1.00, others a bit more. Soooooo $122.00 later I left with 4 boxes full. Dishwasher was very busy.

Young people aren't using the crystal, got a crystal pitcher for 5.00 yesterday, 2 serving bowls for 8.00 tomorrow. Love it. Do I need them nooooooo, my buffet looks like it should be in an antique shop.

I say use them and enjoy them, expensive or not. And I am thinking of downsizing, oh yeh, where do I start.

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marquest(z5 PA)

I do it so often I think I should seek help. lol

I have been collecting glass for the totem. I also have a tile problem. If I see tile I always come home with loads of tile. I have promised my self that one day I am going to do some mosaic items.

We have a salvage yard that when stores discontinue tile and home improvement items they donate them to these people. Tear down house used bricks, railings, lighting etc.

Last week I brought 15 tiles, they were marble, glass tiles, hand painted tile. for 1.00 each. They were normal cost of the hand painted tile are very expensive they run up to 50.00 each.

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I certainly would have bought 6!
Was it a 'national' store or just a local
shop? In other words, maybe I could get some
of those-LOL
Items like that would be good to put in the
swap--Have you been to the conversation side
here-they are talking about a spring swap.
CMNL-I love your path.

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LOVE that PATH!!!! And YES, I am guilty as charged! I HAVE to buy stuff on's part of my genetic make-up!lol! No diamonds and clothes for this gal, give me JUNK!!! The other day I was at the local recycle depot and this guy was tossing perfectly good wood into the wood recycle bin....well, Not on My Watch!!! I took as much as my poor little workhorse of a car could handle(hatchback) and brought home 2x4s,2x2s,and plywood...not knowing where to store them, but an idea or two of how to use them...already used some to put 4 birdhouses up in the yard, a nice sandwich board sign for the mtg I go to, and was just thinking the other day that I need to make molds for stepping stones...I truly Believe that this is a Sign from GOD!! That I am on the right path!!!lol!!!!

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

What true Junker hasn't. I would have bought all the the yellow vases. Yellow is such a hard color to find. I have to sheds full of I never have to worry what I am going to send on the Junk Train!!

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Girls you all make me not feel so guilty 2 shed full and a studio full.I do have to say I have cut back a lot.

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I am like chelcass and nanatricia, I have several (I
am ashamed to say how many) sheds and buildings full.
Speaking of the junk train, on the conversations side
they have mentioned a 'spring fling'.
Check it out if you are interested.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I bought 4 transparent, acrylic what/nots in the shape of giant clam shells.I used the 8x12 for planters in an aquarium. The 3x4 footx1 foot deep I'm at a loss for a use lol. Won'y fit into aquarium way too big and deep for a bird bath . Gave a 1.50 fot the four lol. Might make a fantastic lavatory ??? They are made of 1 inch thick acrylic so must have been expensive when new but can't imagine the purpose?? gary

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Gary - I love mystery objects ! You sure have a mystery on your hands !!!!

I can't imagine what they were used for . Awesome price,though :)

PS -- welcome to the GJ forum ! We hope to hear more from you & your giant clam shells ~ LOL

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

The only way for me to stop is to not go to thrift stores. I started a temp job this week, so I'm not at loose ends to go to the thrift stores. But I'm thinking that yard sales will start up here soon! I am trying to use what I have, including refashioning clothing, but its hard to resist buying.
I think you showed great restraint Kathy!
Love love the garden path cnm! I'd love to see more and hear about how you made it.

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