Mini trellises

quidam2April 6, 2011

Hi, me again! I just seem to be on a roll to get things done.

For the trellises, I started with a bamboo/cane (?) luggage rack from the TS. On the top part I hung wooden drape rings that I found by the dumpster. On the lower part I used fencing wire, a wire heart thingy that I took apart to make two pieces. The chain-looking wire is done by wrapping the wire around a hard dowel and twisting a few times.

I am going to have small ivy climbing up it in that green flower box.

It doesn't really stand out to me and I wonder how it will weather. Do you think I should spray paint it? I am thinking black. Will the paint stick to the varnished cane? It just needs something. Any ideas?

Here is a link that might be useful: Mini trellises

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Marlene Kindred

Wow! I love them just the way they are! I think you did a great job and they are a great find. The only think I can think of is maybe to give it more pop if you wanted that, you could add some sparkly type bling hanging down from the top, but I think they're fine just as they look now! TFS!

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I would put a coating of polyurethane on it and keep it the way it is. Like Marlene said, you could add some crystals or something maybe within the drapery rings to add some bling. You will have to post a picture once it is planted. Very nice!

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I don't know how long bamboo will last in the weather...maybe a long time??? I'd try to put them in a more protected area where it won't get tons of rain & a roofed patio area or porch...I love it "as is"...the soft green wood box & the color of the TS finds & wire. TFS! Jeanne S.

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I like the way they are stained now. Bamboo is a light tanish-yellowish color. Remember the fishing poles we used way back when(up to 60's anyway) They lasted outside in summer for years & you just brought them in garage in winter. They build houses in places like Thailand or other Asian countries as it is strong & lasts. Now they are making clothing out of it(very soft & plush feeling) & flooring anyplace you would put wood flooring. I'm sure most kids found a clump of it as a kid & found at least 1 piece that was broke off or pulled loose & played with it for a long time. They use some cut bamboo as fencing to give places a Hawaiian "feel" It's considered "green" as once you plant it(you can never get rid of it)LOL no really it can be cut & regrows over & over & it really is almost impossible to get rid of at least DD hasn't gotten rid of hers. A spray of Krylon clear would help keep it from fading. Oh furniture is often made from it also, it is hollow inside so lightweight & easy to move around & I think probably used for lot of family room or "outdoor" room furniture or just for an Oriental look, Antique Oriental books have it- 1890 cabinet is listed for $350 in 1984 book I have, rosewood, burlwood, teak & other hardwoods were used but so was bamboo. It can be a pain to clean because of roundness collects dust & often has natural strapping crisscrossing to hold it together so if piece has 2-3 pieces together you get to dust all that, pieces I've seen have cushions on them & were used in family room. You have a nice couple of trellises & did great job on making them better then they were. Enjoy them!! Jan

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That is an awesome transformation. I'd use some spray sealer and leave it as it is.

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The only thing it looks like it needs to me is some plantings. You did a super duper great job. I've had some expandable bamboo trellis that I took in the winter and it held up really well.

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

I agree, I think it is perfect the way it is. With ivy growning on it is all it needs. On how long it will last depends on how you attach it. To a wall, in the ground (will rot the quickest). Bamboo is a very tough material and should last many seasons.

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What a great find.....I would leave them the color they are.

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I agree with the others. Leave them as is with maybe a protection coating. You have a wonderful imagination to come up with this.

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You all are right! I am just going to leave it as it is but spray it with a sealer. I will be putting some "bling" in the middle of the rings but I just don't have anything that will work. I will look around.

Thank you for all your input! It really did help me. You know how you work on something for awhile and you just lose perspective. That is when I know I need to step away and ask others what they think. Thank you!

I will post a pic when it is done and planted.


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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Really nice, great job!

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