let's write --* what not to do* ....

toomuchglass(5)April 12, 2010

People always ask me how to do stuff ... I always laugh and them I could write a book on "WHAT NOT TO DO" .... (by experience ) LOL

Let's make a "learn from each other " post on what NOT to do ~ !!!

I bet our vast mistakes could fill a book !

I'll keep mine short till I think of more...

** I bought clear plastic, diamond shaped drops to jazz up a totem. I mistakenly put some irridized ones in with the clear - the irrid. ones turned YELLOW ! ugh ...........

** I used clear liquid nails to glue glass globs to a bowling ball . Don't use it ! Those globs popped off like popcorn . The little neighbor kids saw all these pretty little glass things laying in my grass & thought my yard had "treasures" buried in it !

** I made a totem - I used a ceramic bowl for the base . It looked awesome , but it must have had a little chip in it . It sucked up moisture and it crumbled. gggrrrr...

~*~*~ Next ~*~*~

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gardencraze(9b Groveland FL.)

I put my beautiful plate flowers In a place where tiny pebbles from the lawnmower hit them and crack 2 of them.

be careful where you place any glass ornaments.

hugs Carmen

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Just today I went to bring in the bowl of a mosaic'd bird bath I made last year to wash it up for the season. It had some dead leaves in it, so I turned it upside down over the trash can and EVERYTHING fell off...all my mosaic pieces are now laying on the bottom of my trash can! I don't know WHAT I did wrong...but I guess you need to use the right stuff if you want to mosaic on glass, and I used the wrong stuff!

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kudzukween(8 MS)

oh gosh...so many things i've done wrong!! but can't thing of them right now...i may have them alphabetized when i remember.....lol!!!

forget to click the handle on the silicone caulk gun and had half of wasted...in one sitting...didn't know any better :D

broke a few clay pots trying to make the drain hole bigger :D so they'd slide over re-bar for tipsy pots!

you know there's plenty more!!!

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Kudzu ---- you reminded me of alot more things !! LOL
( Especially the caulk gun ! LOLOLLL )

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I, too, used 100% Liquid Nail to do a Bowling
ball. It was one of the first on this forum,
and adhesive was 'guess what kind'. After all,
silicone is silicone-right? WRONG! LOL

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beck_wi(z5 WI)

I made a glass birdbath and left it out in the winter. Someone tried to steal it while it was frozen and snapped the stem of one of the cake plates at the base.
So to fix it, I glued the stem into a large bowl, and filled it with dirt. You will note I forgot to add drain holes first, so everything I put in it drowned--- and I forgot to bring it in for winter and the bowl exploded. I'm still finding glass pieces in my flower bed.
Its on the deck waiting to be fixed-- again.

I let my husband plant one of those shade garden deals from a catalog and didn't watch where he planted anything. He buried hens and chicks, thinking they were like bulbs.... he put 4' tall globe thistle in the front of the bed, etc.

I've had neighborhood kids roll my gazing balls down the block shedding blue shards everywhere.

I've learned that someone in my neighborhood reaaally likes red--- they steal everything I put out that's red.

I rushed making a gazing ball, and didn't let the gems fully set up before moving and had sticky silicone covered marbles allllll over my car.

I bought hanging planters from Big Lots to put on lamp bases... only I didn't check to see if the bottoms were sturdy enough. Once I bolted them down and filled them with dirt, the entire thing bent and spilled the soil everywhere.

I planted an invasive rose that can't be killed and it has managed to tunnel under a sidewalk and sprout on the other side.
I swear it will ask for blood one of these years.

I'm sure there are a thousand more little mistakes, but I tend to block them out of my memory.

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I picked up a 5 gallon bucket of coffee grounds from my local espresso stand, didn't check to see if the cover of the bucket was on tightly, rounded a corner and tipped the bucket over. Every turn I made had the tipped-over bucket rolling back and forth, round and round in the van, spilling coffee grounds EVERYWHERE! MISTAKE #3000: Be sure the lid is tightly on the bucket before driving off!

...and NO, it didn't even make my car smell nice!

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When you're a newbie, make sure you look for the GE Sillicone II- CLEAR.
Black does not a nice totem make.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Oh gosh, I'm laughing from recognition.

Most recent: When cutting small diameter pieces of wood with a sawsall that is on the ground, don't let go of that last little piece. It will pop up and hit you in the face.

Don't spray paint near dh's new car on a windy day. (Unless you've just discovered why your vision-see below - never materialized.)

Don't let dh plant the shrubs without double checking or the boring but nice native witch hazel could end up in center stage and the japanese dogwood in the hedgerow where it doesn't get enough sun to bloom. You may not discover the mistake until they are well established.

Don't use Mac glue, which is AWESOME inside, on totems.

Don't saw a large horizontal branch off the apple tree with a chainsaw while standing on a step ladder. I just happened to glance out the kitchen window as the falling branch swept the ladder and dh down. Fortunately no harm done! (But he was much younger then.)

If you live in a house with a gently slanted roof that is accessible from the upstairs porch, don't let the cats out on there. They will run up the roof to the top and scream their heads off alarming the neighbors for fun, even tho they are perfectly capeble of running back down to the porch, as they will do when they get bored.

Sorry, I strayed from junk related.

There's a lot more as well as several of the ones other people mentioned. I just try not to remember usually.


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kudzukween(8 MS)

oh, my sisters, my sisters:D
done almost all those!

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Don't forget to prime terra cotta pots before you paint them, or ALL your hard work will peel right off!

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A good friend of mine gave me 5 hyacinth bulbs last fall. My husband planted them but only 1 came up and there is one other one peeking up. He planted the other ones upside down.

So .. always check which way your bulbs are pointed.

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*red faced embarrassment*
I used hot glue on my first gazing ball. All of the glass pieces popped off within a couple of months. The glue has held fast to the ball and is NOT coming off easily.

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