To Bottle Tree Lovers

Gypsy_NC(Zone 7b)April 3, 2011

Hi! wanted to share a picture of my bottle tree - I have a lot more bottles to go on but I need to put on more nails/screws. Some of the bottles are sentimental, too - my daughter and I are in theatre and there are bottles on the tree from "Little Shop of Horrors" and "Footloose".

Kirk - I love your blue bottle tree but the pic on your facebook page blew me away. Great to see a pic of authentic bottle trees. I love these things!

Image link:

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It's very unique and already shaping up nicely. I like the different shape and there's plenty of room to grow. Great job!

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puggranny(Zone 8)

Great idea and so unique!!!!

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I love "real" bottle trees! Yours is nicely shaped too. I have been meaning to ask bottle tree owners ... do they make any sound when the wind blows through them? I thought of putting one in my yard but didn't want to put it too close to the houses in case it made noise.

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Love the trees AND the bottles!
They are wonderful~

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Looks great! Enjoy! Jeanne S.

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Gypsy_NC(Zone 7b)

Luna- I haven't heard any of the bottles make any sounds, maybe because of the angle they are at? Our tree is about 20' or so from the house.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

that is a wonderful bottle tree.
I think the ones that make sound have the bottles hanging with the holes upward. When te wind blows across the noise is made.

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