update on Stephanotis... showing flowers!

beetle_2007(3)September 27, 2011

another update on the Beauty:) I can now see the flowers peeking out.

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Beetle..Your Stephantis is doing great. What's your secret, how did you get it to bud? What's its age? Any fragrance, yet? Very Nice...Toni

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Hi Toni :)
Not sure of the age , but I bought it last year in flower. When it was finished, I put it under lights in the basement [kindof neglected the watering lol] This spring and summer, it went outside in our back yard, in dappled sun. I just started noticing the tiny flower buds about a month or so back. Since I brought it in, it has had natural sunlight,and is in our coolish room.
No fragrance as yet,but the little flowers are not open, can't wait to smell them :)

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Beetle, well, congrats. The fragrance is stunning. Now if mine would only bloom..lol..
Have the flowers opened yet? Toni

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