Leggy Fittonia

giselle9(7)September 19, 2013


I have a lovely Fittonia which has become leggy, I guess I haven't pinched it enough. It's near an east window so it gets some morning sun. What does one do with an already leggy Fittonia to make it bushier or look less leggy (if possible)?

Thank you!

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You could always start over with cuttings, I suppose.

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How long are the stems?

If 6" or longer, take 3" cuttings..I find they root faster in water, but many here root in soil.

Fittonias get spindly this time of year. Additional, 'artificial' light, even ordinary bulbs help.

If it's sunny at your location, a little fertilizer will be okay, but if days are dark, cloudy, I'd hold off.
Sun and fertiilzer works together; too much, plants grow spindly.

Do you have pink/green or green/white Fittonia? Toni

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

This is a plant that is difficult to grow inside for many people.....and have it remain beautiful, that is. They simply need very good light inside the home, without being placed in the direct sun for hours at a time. Regular incandescent bulbs don't produce the right wave lengths and too much heat for this purpose.

Perhaps you can find another location in the home for this plant...a bright room, but not right next to the window. Improved natural light plus the occasional trimming should help.

I see this plant on terrarium lists, too, which means that they probably need lots of humidity which can be very difficult to provide in the typical winter home. Misting doesn't do the trick.

Toni (or anyone), have you been able to grow this plant inside? We need some success stories for Giselle.

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Rhizo, still cleaning. lol. Tomorrow, if my knee/back isn't out of whack, I plan on washing bedroom walls.

Only once was I able to keep Fittonia...Many moons ago,
I was given a braided Ficus tree from my boss at Rentokil. The first 9-yrs, I'd set plants on top of soil, but they kept tipping over. That's when I decided to plant Fittonia directly in the soil, sourrounding the pot.
Both plants did great in sw windows. Since Fittonias were down low, other plants in front of windows blocked direct sun from hitting Fittonia.

I 'stupidly' gave my Ficus w/Fittonia to a woman..she'd ask about the tree everytime she dropped by...unannounced. lol.
I decided to give her the entire sha-bang. Including a nice, silver container also given to me when I worked at Rentokil.

What I didn't know was..she planned on summering Ficus outside..then, come fall, toss in the trash.
When I found out, I was pi$$ed.
That Ficus even fruit in autumn!!!

Ficus and Fittonia were fertilized with All Purpose fertilizer..'probably MG brand.'

Back then, I misted religiously..so Ficus and Fittonia were misted daily.

So, Fit's can be grown indoors..or maybe my plant angel helped me out. :)

After giving away the tree, I didn't have much luck with Fittonias. But, Giselle shouldn't give up hope.

Giselle, don't give up. Being in z7, your climate is plant friendlier than mine. :)

If your winters are cloudy, placing your Fittonia closer to a window should help keep it perky.

Rhizo, you'd be surprised how much light bulbs help..
Not alone, of course..With natural light, too.

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