I'm lost on garden flowers. Please help

jwahlton(9B Kisimee)April 28, 2011

I've been lurking here for a few weeks and made my first post the other day about birdbaths.

I'd like to try a few plate flowers for Mother's Day. I've picked up some stuff from Goodwill. I've had fun with that! But now that I've got these, I don't know how to put them together. I'm going to look at more photos for inspiration, but would love some input from all of you as well. I've got the GE Silicone and spoons to flatten!

Sorry if the pic's are a little dark. I took this with my phone

Various plates. Top one is red and look at the beautiful flower bowl and plate on the right.




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Marlene Kindred

Hi Julia~

The easiest thing for you to do is on the main page of the GJ forum, scroll down to the bottom where you can add posts and you will see a search bar. Type in Plate Flower and you will get tons of hits. One of the first ones is from gardencraze and she tells how she uses spoons on the back of her plate flowers. You can either glue the plates together with GE Silicone II or you can drill holes in the plates and put them together with a nut and bolt....since you're short on time, the silicone will probably be your best choice. Good luck with your search!

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

You have some great dishes! Start piling them up into flowers on a table and look at them from above. Move the pieces around until you find combinations that please you.
You can do it anyway that you like, but lots of us like a large plate then a smaller one and finally in the middle a center that is small but may stick out more (like a dafodil center) or have something interesting.
When I silicone mine together, I put a bead of silicone on the middle plate's bottom "rim" (or what ever will be touching the plate below, then standing over the back plate I carefully center it on it. Then I do the same thing with the center and carefully push it onto the already attached middle plate. I like to let them sit for 24 hours.
Below is a link to Glass creations (not totems) file of the wonderful Inspiration album that Karen "Purplemoon" created for us. You will find lots of plate flowers there.
Have fun!

Here is a link that might be useful: Class creations (not totems) from Insp Album

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Julia, you have the makings for some beautiful plate flowers. I have never made one but am going to try.
Good Luck to you! - Marylee

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I like the clear glass plate on the right upper part of the top photo as the back and the clear glass star-shape piece on the right side of the bottom photo glued to the center. I like the idea of clear and clear together...seems "clean".

But, I also agree with others that laying them out, trying various combinations and sticking with the ones that "grab you" when looking at them from a bit of a distance. Great combo of dishes to work with!

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You have the makings for some gorgeous flowers! Don't forget things like the flat marbles (aka glass globs), glass squiggles (they sell them at dollar stores and craft stores), beads and even old rhinestone costume jewelry to jazz up your flowers. Someone here took old brooches and used them as flower centers. It was so pretty. Just make sure you post pictures of your blooming flowers when you are done!

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jwahlton(9B Kisimee)

Thanks everyone. I admit I'm a bit daunted!

Marlene - I've done a lot of searches, which is what made me want to make some! I've already got the silicone and spoons!

Kathy - I don't have any "large" plates. I was thinking they may be too heavy, but perhaps I should get some.

Luna - I've picked up the glass blobs the other day to use in the centers. Even picked up an acrylic drawer knob that was pretty.

And thanks for the advice on how to glue. Off to look at some more pics!

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rock_oak_deer(8b TX)

Since you live in a hot, sunny climate be careful where you place the plate flowers at first. I've had a problem with the silicone letting go and dropping the plate when the sun hits it.

I've read here that auto goop works better. Also there's a recent post here where someone used a wood block on the back and I'm planning to try that because the spoon doesn't work for me.

I don't have a problem with the glass pieces separating, just the metal on glass connection.

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jwahlton(9B Kisimee)

Thanks everyone. Carmen has given me some pointers too since she lives not far from me. I've done a couple that I'm pleased with and even have a secret weapon with silk flowers, if it turns out like I envision. I'll post pic's. Mom may have to wait a week or so and I've got to find a lot of bubble wrap in order for it to survive shipping from Florida to Wisconsin for my wonderful Mother In Law

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