Tropical Plant Identification Please

dogg1967September 12, 2013

Bought this neat little plant for $2.99 at Canadian Tire. It's simply labelled as "Assorted Tropical Plants" and the classic "Not for Consumption." Any ideas on what I have? Thanks.

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I believe that's Polyscias fabian.


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Looks like you've got it. Thanks for the help. Should prove to be a nice addition to the houseplant collection. Anyone have any added advice about its care? Or perhaps, experience with this type of plant, a pic or two of your Fabian?

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Yo Dogg! :)

You found a beautiful Polyscias at a fantastic price.

A Fabian that size would cost 15-20.00 here. Moreso, because of the thickness of each trunk.

I admit, I cannot keep Polyscias. I have a P. Ming Aralea, which is barely hanging on. If this one goes, that's it for Polyscias, even though I think they're gorgeous plants. Especially mature specimens.

One thing I discovered is they detest wet feet. Sunny mornings are the best time to water and/or fertilize.
Soil should be semi-acidic, so pH should be on the low side, but not too low. Somewhere between 6.2-6.7.
Rich, but well-draining.

As for light, bright light, no direct summer sun, indoors.

Very hot days, '90+' halts growth... Lowest temp, 55-60F.

Good luck, Toni

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you should never let them go below 65f. they absolutely love 75f-85F range and humidity above 80%. and they are at their best when given even moisture, let top soil dry up a bit, but not more then a few inches. the roots are mostly at the bottom of the pot, not on the top. so that's why they should never stand in water . mine are in self-watering pots (on water wicks) - that's optimal for them.
yours is quite small - 6" pot may be? you'll need to be careful about watering: if it dries up completely it'll drop the leaves and might not recover, being so small.
sunlight filtered thru sheers for sev hours is best.

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