Lucky Bean Plant

bamboo_turtlesSeptember 17, 2010

I bought two of these very young plants called Lucky Bean Plant at a grocery store chain . I was wondering if anyone had experience with these . Do they like water or do you keep them dryer ? Indoors or outdoors ? etc etc ..Are these rarer ? or just fairly new to the market ?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

This might help....

Here is a link that might be useful: Let me google that for you

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that was just a wee bit snarky, but it did make me laugh! :)

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Yes it was funny if it was your attempt to be cool behind a keyboard . Beit plants or reptiles , online caresheets aren't very reliable and just about anyone can conjure one up . I wouldn't base my knowledge of any plant or animal species based with that ground . I was simply trying to fish and get a mature well rounded individual or two with experience , not a couple of adolescence. Thanks for your attempts though .

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Bamboo Turtle,

If you tried actually READING some of those care sheets, you'll see they're not just by anybody; one of the first I saw is by a known & reputable horticulturist, who among other things, put up this caution:

"The bean or nut that it grows from is very toxic so keep it away from pets and small children."

Really think you're going to find rare plants at the Grocery Store?

One can often see the source of a care sheet, if a nursery, horticultural extension or university of some sort; so if one is discriminating about what one reads, it's not that hard to find real information.

You really were provided some good information if you'd bother to read some of it; so it was done w/ humor, big deal.

Also, it's customary to allow more than one day for folks to respond, sheesh.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Perhaps I should have saved that Google application for someone who's been here a time or two, lol! Didn't mean to ruffle your feathers, bamboo! Honestly.

HOWEVER! Information gleaned from the internet is about as accurate as you will get from a wide assortment of individuals on a forum! Some information you'll receive will be crazy silly, some will be hugely helpful. YOUR job is to collect as much information as possible and try to determine which is which.

By skimming over several fact sheets you will soon collect a good base of information and become a good judge of which resources to trust.

Your plant, better known as Castanospermum australe, is a product of great marketing. 'Lucky Bean' is touted as a good houseplant, but I wonder about how well it will do inside the typical American home, especially in the winter. They are a tropical plant so will require inside quarters, but few of us can provide the kind of humidity or light levels needed by some tropicals.

They are not new to the market, but seem to come to the grocery stores sporadically. Sort of like 'Lucky Bamboo'. They are very easy to propagate (seed), easily tranported when small, and they look adorable as seedlings.

Attached is a REAL fact sheet about your plant. I hope you find it interesting.

Here is a link that might be useful: This is not a joke. I promise!

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Rhizo, how cute..easier than typing in a

Bamboo Turtle. I hope you're not new to plants. Lucky Bean/Castanospermum, 'Rhizo, hope you don't mind, I copied the spelling from your post, lol,' is one difficult plant.

I had one years ago, 15+, (no,they're not new to the market,) that lived about 6 months. This June, while grocery shopping, they had LB on sale, so home it came.
Because summer is almost over, and the bean plant had been sitting in a dark store, 'only lights were fluorescents, 15+' or higher,' I decided to keep indoors.

At first, I placed in my front plant room..The brightest room in the house..and unfortunately, the hottest. 'we don't use a/c.' A couple wks later, leaves grew crispy and dropped. I wasn't sure if it was 1. because it needed adapting, 2. the room is too hot, or 3. the room is too sunny.

I didn't want to lose a second Bean, so it went in the LR. The LR faces south, but the windows are filled w/plants; the bean is at least 4' away from the windows. On sunny days, it gets indirect-sun. Since the LR is hot, we keep a ceiling fan running. Another thing is, I started misting a couple times a day. I don't know what saved my Bean, but whatever, it hasn't dropped a leaf since.

BTW, my Bean on an end table w/lamp. At night, the lamp is kept on a few hours. Standard light bulb.

So, medium/bright light, water when soil feels crumbly, mist and/or shower. I haven't fertilized or repotted, but the medium/soil looks fresh, and they added time-release fertilizer. That's about it..Good luck. Do you have a pic of your Bean? Toni
In summer, if you set outdoors, place in a semi-shady spot. The pot must have drainage holes. Obviously, more water is needed in summer, so water until it leaks from drainage holes. I'm going to continue using time-release fertilizer, but if you use liquid or powder, fert half-strength, once a month during growing season.

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