wall mounted plant holder?

linnea56(z5 IL)September 27, 2006

I promised my son I'd find something for his first apartment but have had no luck. I thought it would be so easy! I bought him some small houseplants. He has no counter or horizontal space in his tiny studio apt to put the pots. I said I'd find him a wall mounted plant holder. I have looked in stores and online and can't find one! The closest I can find is a wall candle sconce with a flat platform for a pillar candle, but those have nothing to hold the pot in place. Even so they come with a big spike to hold the candle; I'd have to saw that off.

Where can I find these?

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Try JoAnn Fabrics or a Michael's store. I've seen some at Jo-Ann that are nice, terra cotta, but maybe a little heavy for an inside wall. Also consider buying a ceiling hook and a chain, easily found at Home Depot. That's what I use!

You're an awesome mom, buying your son plants!

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I've found them at thrift stores and craft stores. Ebay has a lot of them, just look under 'wallpockets'. There are also plant hangers that you attach to the wall(see below). They can be found in the garden/plant section of most stores(Kmart, Walmart, HD, Lowe's, etc.). Let us know what you find! :D

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

You'll find dozens of different kinds, sizes, colors, and materials at the discount centers. Ask for wall mounted plant brackets or plant hangers.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

Thanks for helping out! It's getting to be a bad time of year to look for this but I have been looking since August whenever I saw a garden place.

I've tried Michael's and Hobby Lobby but forgot about JoAnne. I'll check it out. The hook noinwi shows is my backup plan! I already have 2 on hand. I'd have to use some kind of string or macrame hanger dangling from that. The plants are "upright" growing kinds rather than trailing so wouldn't look as good that way. He picked out the plants when we were together and said he prefers plants that don't trail. (I have ivies all over my house so I'm just the opposite.)

rhizo_1, which kind of discount centers did you mean? I'm running lots of errands today so will de driving past many shopping centers.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Wal-Mart, K-Mart, maybe even Lowe's, etc.

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linnea56(z5 IL)

Still no luck. Maybe they don't make the kind I want anymore. I used to see them all the time. The kind I want had a flat part (usually metal scrollwork) to attach to the wall, then a ring or shallow saucer-type attachment at right angles to that. The plant, (in a ceramic pot to catch drips) rests in the saucer.

I didn't even see anything I could figure out how to adapt. Some wall mounted candle holders: all with big spikes on the dish part, all with multiple dishes. I'd have to saw off the spike and find something to hold the pot in place and keep it from falling off. I saw a couple of wall-basket things but they were all BIG; designed mostly for dried flower arrangements.

Funny how something you think will be so simple turns out to be darn near impossible to find.

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Lin - This is a long shot, but if you ever go to thrift stores, you might just get lucky and find exactly what you're looking for - especially if you haven't seen any for sale in regualr stores recently.

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Try looking at woollypocket.com
These were featured on Martha Stewart and they are amazing. You can build a wall garden or plant ferns or whatever.....on a wall, inside or out! I also thought about using these in my pantry for keeping odds and ends together in one pouch. I have a fence in my back yard and will be hanging about 5 of these pockets on the top rail and have ferns coming out of them. This will break up the old boring wall. Check it out, a little pricey, but very cute and functional.

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I myself looked for ages for the half bowls fr walls and could not find anyone to fit my indoor need. So I ended up making myself three just similar to wolly pockets...I used felter from jo ann stores, and a protective liner of plastic just in the side that goes against the wall and the bottom to protect from when you water. it has been 7 months and my variety of plants have been thriving and looking great on them. The secret is that because the felter, there is so much aeration that the soil dryes pretty fast. So you need once and a while take them from the wall to inside your sink and water throughly, let drain and hang them again. I do that once a month and it is more than enough, out of that I water kinda of half cup of water once a week for each pocket. I am sure your son will love because it makes a modern green wall looking which is not feminine, but very unisex type of decor.

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