Green egg like things on soil of house plant

jo_evans86September 22, 2013

Does anyone know what these could be? They recently just pooped up in my air fern pot on the soil. They are green little balls that have indentions in them. They almost look like red blood cells except they are green.

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dellis326 (Danny)

Hard to tell from your photo. It may be slow release fertilizer beads that are often mixed in the soil in newly bought plants. You may have just not noticed them before or they floated up to the surface after you watered.

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Was hoping that it would be some really cool fern spore culture,but Danny's prolly right.

Woulda been cool growing like...a MILLION little ferns! :)

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it looks like perlite bits greened in sunlight by algea.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

You really have to look closely to see what Jo is talking about. They don't look like slow release fertilizer prills or perlite. They do look like a red blood cell.....only greenish!

A really good closeup would help, but I'm guessing that they might be a fungus of some sort. It would be interesting to see another photograph to see if they look different now that a few days have passed.

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