'New' member, just saying Hi !

silentsurfer(6A OH)September 29, 2012

Hello GardenWebbers!

thought i'd follow Tiffany's lead and take a moment to introduce myself,,

Im Joe, 53 SWM, from Cinti, OH, ive been lurking about thru the summer with an ongoing, tho re-kindled interest in plants, actually 'houseplants' mostly, as i live in an 3rd floor 1 BR Apt with no balcony.

At the beginning of spring/ summer i owned and 'cared' for (ok, neglected) just 3 remaining plants, from a previous plant interest several years prior.

a (barrel?) cactus, a portulacaria afra, and 1 ficus retusa i had started from a cutting.

(theres a semi-good story behind each, but another time maybe..)

About that time i thought to take some more cuttings from 'Gen' (my f. retusa), i chopped up and struck some p. afra cuttings, divided some cactus 'pups', and realized i was well on my way to becoming compulsive about plants again,, a little Googling later i found the GW. Then i was hooked.

I currently have over 75 plants, not counting material in various stages of propagation, on my windowsill, or makeshift shelves nearby. (yup, and i havent even officially met Toni yet! hehe)

My main interests are trees, ficus, Shefflera arbicola,, crassula and some succulents,

anything with Bonsai potential, and the propagation there-of. ..tho nothing on sale, or salvageable, is beyond my interest at the right place and time hehe

My biggest struggles (currently) are with soil conversion, providing over-winter lighting,

Space (for everything i try to propagate) hardening-off Serissa cuttings (likely soil related?) and Shefflera arboricola, in general, they just dont do well for me, ...sigh.

I would like at this time to say HI!! AND, a big Thank YOU! to the many members here who's character and demeanor, i think, is pretty outstanding. There are some real knowledgable people onboard, and some very friendly and enthusiastic people as well.

One in particular Al Fasszeke~ (tapla) whos knowlegde, patience, and generousity i find exceptional! theres just soo much usefull and well written content ive found written by him.. Thank You Al for taking the time to share all that you do!

Unfortunately (for You all) tho, its that darn enthusiasm and general luv for plants that

encourages people like Me to rise from lurker, to Participant. Youve no-one to blame but yourselves! hehe

Feel free to drop in and say Hi, pizz-off or whatever, comments and suggestions are Awlays welcome!

..and go-easy if i drop in the wrong forum with a doz questions keying off something that perked my interest in your post, im just trying to learn,,, im (usually) 'silent' but i admit to getting a little 'chatty' on occasion, ....just once-in-a-while tho. :)

Thanks for peekin in! :)


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Hi Joe!
I have some of the same issues as you- overwintering, not enough space, (even though my gh out of recycled materials is getting heat this year yay!) soil conversion, etc.

Yes, lots of good folks here. Interesting place to be.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Hi & welcome, Joe. Have a blast!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Silentsurfer,

Welcome to the forum!!!


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Hi and Welcome! The more the merrier, or more confused, depending on how you look at things. Everyone here is great with ideas and information over-load. Take what you can get and do what is good for you. I myself, am still learning and loving it. This will be my first "real" winter with plants, so I will most likely be on a lot, trying to do good by them, but I only have 21 :( Hoping for more soon tho.

Anyway, again, welcome and have fun with it and us.

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Hi Joe! Welcome!! Although I dont feel exactly right welcoming you because like you I am just as new. Heck, not even a week old yet!!! Enjoy though. I love it here! I am eager everyday to read and chat with ppl.


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silentsurfer(6A OH)

Hello Ladies,
Thanks so much for peekin in, saying hello, and the warm welcomes. I appreciate it. :)

In hindsight i (may still) summarize this opener and put it in 'My Page', (im still figuring out the navigation of things here),, but i did want to start something where i could (hopefully) draw some attention, make some friends, and illicit some 'gardening' advice/opinions when needed.

Im hoping to kinda update some projects im working on, and see if they garner any interest (other than my own lol)...
Please peek back if/when youve a sec., even to just say 'hey' if we dont bump into each elsewhere (unlikely lol) doors alway open. oh, and theres No 'topic-law' either! I'll try to stick to plants, but.... i stray sometimes, you can too. :)

...so today i hung another shop-light adjacent to the main windowill, watered a cpl plants, read some forum Mssg's,, not much gets accomplished through-out the work week lol

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

Hi Sherry,
yes, interesting, Fun, and educational, which i think drew me here initially,,
Heres to solving our 'issues' then! and heat in the (GH)? greenhouse im guessing?
would luv to hear more bout that sometime. :)

Hi purpleinopp
Thanks so much, im pretty sure we'll be meeting again (least i hope) as i think we've some common interests regarding propagation if nothing else.
Im actually a big fan of your posting btw, and recently stumbled on your blog pg., its amazing! your front porch, me, my guitar, all those plants,,, would be heaven! hehe :)

Hi, and Thank you, and belated congratulations!
You seem like a very busy woman, but always seem to find time for a fellow gardner, ive enjoyed many of your postings too. :)

Hi Marjie
hehe thank you,, this will be my (plants) 1st (winter) as well, it'll be hard to leave em alone (but not too alone) are yours houseplants i guess? or are you maybe overwintering?
Im hoping and praying to pull the 'keepers' on thru, but fully expected some to be give-aways.
It turns out tho, i really dont know any locals into plants that much, so im kinda draggin a handful of em along that i really dont even have much interest in,,, oddly some of those are the heartier ones tho hehe

hiya lady, missed ya at the gym the other day j/k hehee,,
Thanks so much, its good to hear the enthusiasm in your words again hun. :)
There were/are actually some things i wanted to share on a cpl of your posts, when i find them again,,, Thanks for stoppin in. :)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Joe, what a nice thing to say. Thanks!! Seeing that you're from OH, I knew you were cool right away.

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Welcome to GW Joe!

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Well Joe, from the looks at your wonderful set up and plants, you just might have more room for dozens mnore!lol

As I always say to myself.."Heck, there is always room for one more"...That has now turned a couple of hundred.
You should see my houuse. I have about all windows upstairs and downstairs full. I have the cellar full and the greenhouse full.
My house becomes barren in the summer, and looks tropical in the winter.

I must say if it were not for this forum and the mixes I use, I would probably have less than a dozen today, due to ignorance and failure.

Welcome and it's nice to meet you!

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Hello Joe, and Welcome,

I'm happy this post was brought back on top, otherwise I'd have missed it.

I'm Toni from IL. Love plants and pets. (Dogs, birds..adore cats, too, but cannot adopt those furry cuties because of birds.) House is packed w/greens upstairs, downstairs, and in a small 8x12 green house. My Motto, like Mike, 'There's Always Room for One More.' lol.
We are now officially introduced. :)

Re-starting from 3 plants to 75 is quite an increase...How long did it take before the plant bug hit, and numbers rose?

Joe, your plants are very green and healthy. Any nearby windows or are your plants strickly grown under lights?

Any questions or suggestions, please ask/talk away..There are many many wonderful people here who love discussing plants, looking at pictures, so feel free..no need to lurk.

It was very nice meeting you....Toni

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Hey Joe!!!
I know I miss ya at the gym too! Although I took a nice very brisk pushing a double stroller with 46 pounds of kids. ;) Thats about the closest I get to the gym anymore. I have started to do some exercises in the house though to get back into shape. I love and miss the gym though. Improvise...

Whats going on with your Scheff? I have had one for about 2 years now and he is doing pretty well. I got him from Walmart as a very little guy and he has about tripled in size.
Thanks for the enthusiasm compliment... cant nobody hold me down...oh no...ive got to keep on moving. HAHA!

Which of my posts did you have comments on. Let me know, I will be here!!

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

hey Mike!
yea, man, i could do some hangin baskets still, ive got the whole Apt hallway window, and then theres the front dashboard of my jeep, its parked in full sun most-of-the-day, probably a Cpl Doz more !? hehee

yea you n toni, and your '100's' of plants,, youre just Enablers! you guys are NOT good role models! lol but i totally understand, im kinda compulsive about whatever i do, in general, nothing wrong with being passionate about plants, ..so long as i dont get the landlords ol' 'they gotta go, its a fire hazard' nonsense again, im good w/it. :)

oh yea, theyre great when their Growing! its kinda annoying when your staring at a shriveled up stick-in-a-pot tho hehe
I think 'doin-a-little-homework' here on the forums, has already greatly increased my guy's survival-rate,, so know that youre a part of that too. :)
still luv that fancy german crassula of yours, man, why you guys gotta gotta post that stuff!? lol
Thanks for peekin in Mr, btw is it just me? you C+S guys are a whole nother breed!?
some pretty good peeps over there. :)
..i didnt even realize i liked succulents! now im kinda scramblin with what to do w/em all. that dang Lowes 50% off sale awhile back kinda got me too,,,
aight, im ramblin again, Cheers mate! :)

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

Hi Toni
Thanks so much, and you wouldnt've, (i bumped it up to lure you in) hehe
hmm, i actually thought you lived IN a greenhouse!? lol
Seriously tho, lemme take take this opportunity to say what a pleasure it is knowing your onboard here, you have this warm, enthusiasm, and genuine concern and interest for even the slightest of topics, or newest of members, that just comes across so easily in yur posts, its truely a joy, almost infectious even. :)
And your plant pics,, humina, humina,, you, Mike, Purple, and (some) others,, THATS when the bug hit! lol

everything (other than the 3) i have was basically collected over this summer/spring,
'x'-mart, Lowe-Depot, local garden Cntrs,, i started checkin anywhere that might have 'houseplants',,,

The majority are on an east-facing windowsill of the LivingRoom, but now BR, and bath also,,, the LR window has been partially extended with a makeshift shelf (i just stacked stuff and layed a board overtop of it all lol), the shop lights hang 10" away from the window, one at each end, so that theyre partially supplementing the WSill, but centered overtop of the 'extensions' mostly, theyre currently ON (a timer i'd been saving for yrs)
from 11:00am to 8:00pm,,, The (outside) trees that normally block some of the direct morning Sun (from reaching the window), are shedding, so, that might actually help me some here now,, its one of the 'big-three' (light, soil, water), so, we'll see,,,
Thanks for peekin in! Great meeting you too! :)

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

hey Tiff!
yea, oh im sure ya get Plenty of excercise at home w/the 'boogers', and 'DH', and if i 'kept-house' even a tenth as much as a 'normal' person does, i wouldnt have time for Nothing!? lol
ya know, awhile back, i couldnt justify (the expense mostly) of membership, so i went to local parks, schoolyards, a huge National 'Forest' across the st. from me here, and did my little 'olympic-gymnast' routine,, chinups, hanging situps, dips, whatever,,
its amazing what you can do without a weight-belt, lifting-gloves, or any single piece of 'machinery',, but man, just standing over the sink, doin dishes, makes my back 'feel' Worked-Out lol ..so yea, good-on-ya for trying! People w/families amaze me! I dunno how they (you) do it, and just the shere time involved,, i gotta sleep SOMEtime!? lol

Scheff's? um, i actually have like (6) walmart 'sheffs' (arboricolas?) theyre all fairly small (groups) being just purchased over this summer,,,
(here) they (walmart) tend to drown the life out-of-em, so i got several at a reduced price (yea, ya can 'haggle' w/a walmrt GM sometimes), even knowing they likely had significant root-rot,, so as you can probably guess, im praying (at least 2 of em) might cling on to that last little bit of life they have left,,,
(one was a nice little variegated specimen with 2 actual plants in it, and semi-decent branching for its/their size) but i got anxious, jumped the gun, tried an (almost) immediate repot (thinkin, 'whats-to-loose'?), the nicer specimen failed epic lol the 2nds still clinging,, barely.

oh hey, a cpl things, actually about everything youve posted i have (some) interest in,,
arrowhead (syngonium), pothos?, and palm (i think), Sheff's of course,, lemme collect my thoughts (and crop some pics) and i,ll mention them on yur threads, just to keep things 'tidy', cool? btw your in Z6 too? cool that,, oh and hey, (i know ya wont) Take a Break sometime (soon)! hehe
T/C and Thanks for sayin hey :)

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

oops! heya GreenLarry!
hows it goin? and Thanks mista, guess we'll see-ya-out-in-the garden. :)

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Sounds good. I was going to make a seperate thread for the topic of our similar interests. Yeah, the kids keep me busy for sure! But I love it, sometimes. :)

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Hey Joe...lured me here, ha? lol.

Well, siding is green, guess you can say we live in a green house. :)

Thanks for the kind words.

Yep, Mike, Purple and many others have beautiful plants. That's the problem viewing GW pictures...you see one, two or three you like..next thing you know, you own one, three, or ten.

Adding plant is contagious, so beware. They should invent a plant addiction vaccine, similar to a flu shot.

If you're really interested in new, 'rarer' plants, check online nurseries and Ebay. Your eyes will light up, but your wallet will thin out.
If you need nursery names, let me know. Others should chime in, too. Also add the types of plants you'd like..Ex, succulents, tropicals, etc.

Your setup looks great, plus being near windows help a LOT.
Shedding of outdoor trees is a plus.

Don't know the amount of sun OH gets in winter.
I visited Cleveland once, long ago, during winter.
Guess the area was Clevenland's downtown area...the climate, tall buildings reminded me of downtown Chicago..
However, day two was very very sunny.
The trip was short, less than a week, but during the coldest and darkest months of the year OH was much sunnier than IL.

Nine hours of supplemental lighting, plus sun should suffice. Your plants are green and healthy, obviously you're doing something right.

I wish you the best..Again, Welcome. Glad you came forward, introduced youself.
The first thread is the hardest.. lol. Toni

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

okay, so i have a little compulsion for houseplants,
but Now, i seem to be becoming addicted to the GardenWeb too!?
Where does it all End!? lol

btw ive lined all my windowsill's with a layer of 7/16" styrafoam, thinking it'd help insulate them from the cold marble sill, but,, i aint so sure??
..and these pea-gravel filled plasti-drip trays for humidity,,, is this really helping??
or just teasing the roots?

Hope everyones well, as well your Plants. :)

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

Hi Toni,
srry i missed ya,,
I guess you'd be the Last person i'd expect to try n deter me from furthering my collection huh!? hehe
Actually i would appreciate any online seller links youd care to share.
particularly if youve successfully dealt with them yourself. :)

Ive made (2) mail-order purchases from Meehans (miniatures) that ive been very happy with, and theyve a nice selection of little trees, which is what i was initially interested in,, but otherwise, all my Googling nets the same-o, Brussels bonsai, bonsai boy, Sears(?), whatever, lol

and i am kinda getting to a point where i'd like to at least (see) some more different, weird, or rarer, 'exotic' varieties,, i know i can only sustain a handful more in my current situation, but for down-the-road, Sure, ya know,, :)

i like that, an 'anti-plant-acquisition-vaccine' lolo
heck, i dont even care! ive been thru this before, with almost Everything i do actually,,
i get an itch n start collecting,,, its what we enjoy! right? :)

hmm, yea Ohio (as i recall?) stays reasonably sunny though-out the winter, i think day-Length would be the biggest factor rather than sun intensity~? so much,, tho i can already see minor signs of the waning daylight visable in some plants. The succulents are MY biggest concern, those darn Sun-lovers,, Where'd they all come from even? lol

Toni im really hoping for the best, i feel good about it right now, just hafta see i guess, Thanks so much kiddo! you have a way of making us (me anyway) 'feel' Good. :)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi SS,

Just wait until you have problems with GW and the sight is down or you can't get to the computer to check on the forums..
That is when you know you are addicted..LOL..

Once i posted a Halloween pic of this cactus that looks like cousin it on a couple of different forums and the GW computer thought i was sending out spam. Well, it cut me off the forum for a day or two before i could get it straighten out. Computers do that. I was shaking because i couldn't post or do anything. LMAO!!!

I know im addicted..

Welcome, again!!

Love your setup too! Love all of your post. Gotta love a Buckeye!!

i like the idea of the insulation between the bottom tile and your plants. Great idea!! i think the gravel is fine outside of the container. better than inside the container. So, it actually will add some humidity around your plants. Good job!!

Take care,


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silentsurfer(6A OH)

haha Shaky-Laura the Spammer!?,
i can see it tho,, Im probably the most anti-social person, anyone (who knows me) knows, a true 'lone-wolf',, but boy, get me on an active, lively forum about something that interests me AND has really great members,,, i get kinda hooked.
yea, i dunno,, a-day-er-two might do me some good!? lol
i mean, i actually HAVE plants Now, and they need some attention hehe

sometimes i feel like a crazy person, i'll see a new leetle teeny bud on something, and "Oh, i gotta POST it, wheres the camera!" lol

Listen, i appreciate ya peekin in, when ive time, i wanna start posting some of my plants, and projects,, (seems like the thing-to-do around here) and i would luv to get your input on them. :)

im thinkin bout just using this as 'my plant blog', kinda like, ya know? lol
because im still not quite sure about 'jumpin-onto-other-threads' even if its topically-appropriate, some might take it the wrong way (or it may just-be-rude?) if i try to share 'My' pothos on 'Your Pothos thread' like ya know? maybe im overthinking it, i dunno exactly,, still feeling it out. :)

But Pls stay tuned if/when ya can, i Always enjoy your posts and comments,, :)
even if i dont join in, im checking things out, + Not always just the techy stuff either.

Thanks so much for the kind words, and encouragement, it means a lot. :)
This is for You then, its 2nd time blooming, it smells Amazing (wish i could share the
scent!) kinda like... honeysuckle~jasmine~?
cya in the garden soon. :)

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Ohhhhhhhh! I know exactly what that is..One of my FAVES!

It's a Murraya paniculata! I have several and I would never part with any of them. What a fragrance, right!?

Love that plant and yours looks so green and healthy. Great job!

I did give Laura one though. She is special!


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Joe...Yes, like plants, GW IS addicting. I should be cleaning, but here I am..lol

Let me know how the styrofoam works. Last week, I went to HD, bought a roll of clear plastic. I then measured window sills, both tops and bottoms, then cut pieces of plastic to fit sills for insulation.

Gravel works, for humidity to a degree..make sure water isn't hitting the bottom of pots. Add enough water below drainage hole/s.

Your sills are a good-sized..lucky you..mine fit a 4" pot. Anything larger would topple over..

You're right about me deterring anyone from adding new plants..lol.

A few online nurseries.
Tropicals and succulents

Hirts...through Ebay or Amazon


Jade Point
Out of Africa
Go Succulents

There's probably more, but checking out these nurseries should take you a good amount of time. lol

Ebay sellers have beautiful and rare plants..

I know what you mean..Hobby's are addicting. Some stick, others don't.
There was a time we went camping..every weekend. Then, the more equipment we bought, turned into a chore..no longer fun..that was a long time ago..I wouldn't camp now if one paid me..lol..Too many spiders for one thing..not to mention weirdos.
I like collecting old coins, but haven't added any in years..dh collected stamps.

LOL on Googling plants..Brussel sprouts..ROFL.

Joe, since you're searching for 'x' amount of plants, before clicking the Buy button, jot down names of plants/nurseries. After you've written 100 types or more, lol, narrow down. I write down nursery and plant names, or add to 'Save for Later,' then decide which I really want.
Say you bought five plants, then come across a real beaut. Know what I mean?

I dislike daylight savings time. And it'll only get worse. Sun sets about 6:30 pm, but soon it'll be 4pm. However, thinking positive, longer days will resume in, what 10-12 wks? lol..Heck, times go by fast.
Problem is from Nov through Feb. Feb is my least favorite month of the year.

Joe, I'm happy making you feel good. :) People who have similar interests should get along..know what I mean?

Laura, GardenWeb withdrawls..lol..funny, but true.

Mike...thought Joe's plant was Osmanthus/Sweet Olive...Joe's flowers look different than those on my Murraya.

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tifflj(6 Pitts, PA)

Joe, You can post anything you want on ANY of my threads ANY time you like. I love seeing pictures and it all helps me learn. SO PLEASE FEEL FREE!!

What is that a picture of right above? It is beautiful. I dont have any flowinering plants yet but would love some ideas for the new house...and I would love to get one of those above. So pretty!

Also willing to connect with some of you all on FB if you all want. Migh be too personal for some I understand but that is why we can pick and choose I suppose who we want to connect with and who we dont. ;)

Off to nap with the kiddos. They were in RARE form today. ACK!!

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

hey kids! :)
...just coming off of a 4-day weekend (woot!)
man, where does it go!? was really hoping to catch-up w/some of ya's,, :x

well i (think) i got a considerable amount accomplished between washloads n such,
i tended a lot of plants, i watered, re-Neemed, snapped a few photos, repositioned some, repotted some (mostly newer succulents), pulled 'several' cuttings that are now viable (some Carissa, Lonicera, Sageretia, and several f. microcarpa) also pulled the 'domes' (cloches?) off some other cuttings.

currently blooming: (1) Malphigia (holly), (2) geraniums,

also did a little 'shopping' hehe
besides another cpl $3 walmart Sheffs, and some small succulents (Lowes), i got a cpl cute little pots (Goodwill), some apple skewers (high-tech moisture detection meters), and some new masonry bits.

wow, Big Thanks to Everyone for staying in touch! :)
I really appreciate it, and will try my best to respond soon, and (hopefully) upload a cpl more pics.
Hope all is well. cya's in the garden. :)

Venus-skewers, hopin it Eats F. Gnats! hehe


jade crassula hobbit-repot



Carissa-cuttings-3 of...

Aloe hybrid 'Blue Elf' repot

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

hey Mike!
Good eye mista!
now tell me EVRYthing ya know bout em ('specially propagation?)! hehe
ohh man, yea, 2nd only to gardenia, ...maybe?

hahaa she IS special! lol
well (hopefully) she can share-the-joy via ~proxy~ then hehe :)

yea this girls been relatively well behaved since i got her, grown (moderately), flowered twice, and is now displaying 'miniature oranges' ! dint expect That,
..tho the 'common name' wouldve likely hinted at such behavior to an observant fella !? lolo

um, Mike,, im gonna need a good C+S man in my corner here (soon) LOL
...lemme get my ducks-in-a-row right quick tho 1st,,,
Cheers! :)

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

hey Toni!
oh wow? really, Really?? lol
yup, i'll kinda HAVE to pace myself,(thats a lotta links!)lol im almost skeered to start looking (not really lol)
seriously, Thank you! appreciate the time ya took for that, and Thank you for thinkin of my 'weakness' too lol
i DO know whatcha mean, and was thinking similarly,,,
i'll narrow it down (best i what can),,,
ok, so,, No mail-order plants till the holidays....C'mon turkey-day!! hehe :)

I thought i read recently where you might not have the 'local shopping' access some of us do? kinda suggs,, cuz i like being able to pick em up, fondle em, and kinda pick the 'nicest' ones sorta,, something to be said for that convenience i guess.

hmm, 4" sills? yea my 6" are just about prrrfect for my (mostly smaller) stuff,,, thats the only way i can make this work,, baths closer to 4" maybe, still tend to knock-em-off come watering time tho hehe almost wrecked a newer crassula Dubia repot that way! :x

..funny ya mentioned birds (upthread maybe..?), sat. afternoon, coming home from grocery shopping, i captured and released one that had gotten his-self trapped in our Apt hallway. Poor lil guy was exhausted, so i 'netted' him with a yard of sheer-drape material,, ending his dilema. cute lil guy, kinda uncommon (to me),
a quick 'Google-ing' suggests it was a Carolina or (more likely) a Black-capped Chickadee,,

LMAO, 'Brussel sprouts'
thats great! ..but thats about where i was getting with it all hehe

hmm, ive only camped a cpl times, in what woulda been my 'college days' (had i went), just sporadic road-trips to Red River Gorge, w/lotsa beer n.... well, n/m lol
ohh, "weirdo's" so have ya seen 'the Perfect Getaway' ? creepy/cool/kinda~campin movie :)

not xaactly sure your intentions w/the plastic sheet,,?
i think Temps is Temps, while their not sitting directly ON anything, they still 'feel' about the same temp as the sill, and stone (gravel, aka driptrays) 'conducts' temperature, so,, not sure the foam helped much,,, ?
and to make things worse, this crazy Apt heat (they control) was chilly in here the other day (i had a little heater goin And the oven On!) But now, its back to uncomfortably-warm (like i remember past fall/winters here being), and ive the windows cracked, so that cant be good(cold drafts/droughts?) so,, im gonna hafta watchem,,
what else do you do?
cant ya build a bigger greenhouse!?? lol
okay, im sure thats about my 500 word limit, so,, to-be-cont'd lol Nite kiddo :)

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

aww Thanks so much!
i absolutely will then,, was gonna Anyway, lol i mean havent i already..?
..if i can FIND one that is, finding a Tiffany post is like a-needle-in-a-Haystack!? j/k hehe :)~

Pictured above is, (as correctly identified by Mike) Murraya paniculata 'Orange Jasmine' and she comes highly recommended! prefers bright light, evenly moist-ish soil,
...tho apparently thriving without Either!? lol

[note: (most) all my newer little 'trees' came from Meehansminiatures, and i highly recommend em! http://www.meehansminiatures.com/shop/index.php?action=item&id=351&prevaction=category&previd=1&prevstart=0
[meehans/catalogue/Indoor/Indoor Plants - Low Light (6)]
[meehans/catalogue/Indoor/Indoor Plants - Low Light (6)]
srry, i may've forgot how to embed links! lol
check em out, just to look. :)~

btw upthread is some good advice from Toni, i think we'll both be heading,,
'window-shop' make sound, efficient tho conservative purchasing decisions, and have Fun along the way,, i Know im capable of One of those hehe

so how are the 'boogers'? :)
..oh, 'minds me, i missed (my) Nap today, dang! lol

hmm, i could do FB! but i dont,, lol tho i will, if ya wanna,, (did yu mean Me? 'mr 'Social'??) lolo
havent peeked in awhile,, it kinda went the way of Twitter, Hi5, Yahoo (Mssngr), AIM, Skype, mIRC,,, used to be a blast,, heck i was weened on, and learned all i know in an AOL chatroom! hahahaa
lemme dig n see whats onboard still :)

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Hey Joe...quite a selection..Very nice plants before the holidays...:)

Is your Holly true Holly or common name? Leaves resemble Holly, but thought Holly had white blooms???

Very nice haul.

I passed a Good Will twice in two weeks..must have recently opened. Considered going inside, but was in a hurry so didn't get to check their products.
Do they sell large pots? 10" plus...

Ohio..hmm, there are a few Ebay sellers in Ohio, but can't think of any nurseries..
There is one nursery, World Plants, but can't recall if they're located in OH....www.worldplants.com

I'm certain some of my plants came from Ohio, but can't think of any particular place at the moment. Can't even recall which city.

Are you saying, you will not order plants via mail before the holidays, but will buy locally?
Turkey Days? What about Christmas and New Year's Day? lol

Very few nurseries ship after October, and those who do want to get rid of 2012's etc, stock. Remainders are usually discounted.

Joe, did you know, once you joined GW, you become one of us? Pods who grow pods..lol, j/k...Happy Halloween.

Actually, most plants prefer cool temps to hot, but that depends on how cold. If you start seeing ice on the walls, it's too cold..Then YOU better find a warmer place..lol.

Joe, you were very heroic rescuing the little bird..Thank goodness.
The neighbors across the street, husband and wife, rang my bell, asking ME to shoo a bird off their front porch..A Blue Jay. I was totally embarrassed for them. Two adult people asking a neighbor to shoo away a little bird!

Good, ol' college days...lol..

About plastic..although our windows are semi-new, they leak air. During winter, when temps are -2, a slight draft seeps in..plants on the sills are cold..The cold is a horror to succulents.

So, this year, I placed clear plastic on the sills. It might not be 100% effective, but I had to try something.
Place a hand near the sill, it's very breezy. They say it's because the house is settling, which may or may not be the exact truth.

IMO, the safest windows are the old-fashioned types..With a screen/storm window. Is that the name? lol..Haven't thought about the name in a long time.
Two windows opposed to thin, 'gas' panes.
New windows are a lot less work, I'll give them that..no painting, and easy to open and close, but new windows are nowhere as protective as the old types. Just my opinion.
That's the reason plastic now goes on each window.

Nope, can't afford a larger gh..lol.. Believe me, my dream is to design my own house w/attached solarium. Unless I win the lottery.................

Next year, if all goes well, I 'might' sell some plants on Ebay..Agaves, 'pups will stay,' 2 Pachypodiums and a huge Pandanus. The Pandanus/Screw Pine has outgrown space. I detest this house w/small rooms...even if I didn't have plants, the rooms are tiny. Thank goodess there's a third bedroom, which is now a plant room..lol.

I love Geraniums...what type did you get? Toni

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

hi Toni!
man, i feel like i could talk all day w/you! hehe

meehans says its:
Malpighia coccigera - Common Name: Singapore Holly

i actually (thought?) i had (or saw?) one once before, and (kinda) 'remember' it having pink flowers as well,,,? but my memories gettin Baddd lol

hmm Goodwill,,? its basically a crapshoot, you might find Anything in there, or nothing,, some stuff i see n say, 'what the heck is that'?? lol ..and each location varies too (somewhat), they generally always have a nice 'glassware' shelf or 2 tho,, pots, vases, nik-naks, or 'bakeware' i can drill Into pots, lol ...tons of 2nd-hand clothing,,

Sat. is usually 50% off day, Wed. is senior discount (Yeah! for Me, not you tho srry lol)
..its a block away from me, and on the way home, so,, im a Reg lol
check it out on a slow day, ive seen everything from birdcages to....diapers. :)

holidays: Yes! thats my current resolution,, the 1st (and Each) holiday starts anew! right? lol
oh dang, yea i DID just glimps that (deadline) at glasshouse maybe,,?
does that mean i hafta wait till Memorial day?? stoopid Deadlines! time for a renew-resolu ! hehe

bwahahahaa,, im not one-of-you, im Not one-of-you, Im NOT,,,, lolol
seriously, what HAVE i got myself into here?? lol

LOL the Bird-Lady, hey since your the expert, can ya shoo-their-crap off my windshield for me? lol okay im stretchin it now lol

ohh, gotcha (srry) hmm,, used to tape the (entire) windows for leaky/drafts,, blocks some light too tho,, hmm,, maybe a temporary caulking, silicone,,?
i actually just noticed my bedroom windows leaky/drafting, watched my 'corn' plant sitting there waving its leaf at me, thinkin, ohh,, okay,,,,
Toni, what % effective would you guess it as? and do succulents mind drafts? or jst Cold?

ohh, ive had the same Dream (attached solarium) evrytime i drive by one round here i sigh,, one day,,(i say to myself) 'Play the Lotto ya Fool'! hehe

Geraniums: ive (2) of the 50-cent-Sale ones from Kroger/Lowes? w/typical red flower,, and then a cpl oddball 'scenteds', i cant positively ID,,
im not really a flower guy, but what the heck 50 cent is fiddy cent ka know, and theyre incredibly low-maintenance! PLUS i saw this really Incredible 'dwarf-germ' at the Bonsai show, it hooked me on trying to do something like that maybe,,, its funny how many of the 'companion plants' caught my interest as much as the Specimen Bonsai! lol :)

scented geranium(1)

scented geranium(2)

flowering geranium clay(1)

flowering geranium Blk(1)

geranium bonsai (1)

geranium bonsai (2)

thrift store bonsai~dish (drilled+screened)

Thanks so much for playing along, ive really enjoyed it!
Definitely look forward to seeing you 'in-the-garden'. [see below pls.] :)

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silentsurfer(6A OH)

hey guys!
Please excuse my rudeness, but i would like at this time to start diverting attention away from this thread (for personal reasons)., and shan't be further posting here anymore than absolutely necesary.

I want to be Very Clear tho,
The attention,, responces, interaction,, acquaintences, even Friends (i'd like to think) ive made along the way, particularly here in this thread, are well beyond anything i could have possibly even imagined!
Hope you'll all understand, It has nothing to do with anyone in particular whatsoever.

While i'll likely initiate another similar thread, i, in the meantime, will move on, and look very much forward to seeing you all 'out-in-the-garden',,, and for everyone that participated in welcoming me so 'warmly' (Laura, Toni, Tiff, Purple, Mike, Marjie, Larry, Sherry,,, all of you!) a very sincere THANK YOU!
luv ya guys! :)

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greenlarry(UK 8/9)

Sad to see you go Joe, good luck with whatever you do!

    Bookmark   October 21, 2012 at 10:20AM
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