droopy zebra plant.

alocasia_nanc(5 - chicago)September 12, 2011

my poor zebra plant was subjected to my faux hubbies non plant caring and left in the DIRECT SUNLIGHT all day. she was very health before, blooming, and shooting new leaves. now she is all droopy =( will she be fine when i bring her back in? should i prune the droopy leaves?



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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Observe the plant for a few days to ascertain the extent of the damage. Don't prune your plant until the leaves actually die. Sun scald can show up right away or may take a day or two. If it's just wilty because of being in the warm sunlight, let it recover.

Pictures would help.

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alocasia_nanc(5 - chicago)

So good news, I went to take pictures and discovered that she had perked up and her soft wilty leaves have firmed back up. I don't think she liked the hot sun very much sewings how she is used to our cool house =/

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Hi Nanc. Zebra Plants prefers medium, bright light. Direct summer light, from a west or south window is too harsh, unless Zebra is several feet away.

Winter is a different story. Setting your Zebra in south or west windows in winter won't burn leaves, and provides enough light.

Also, during summer months, Zebras need more water and fertilizer. (though I don't fertilize in winter.)

Although Zebras like moist soil, never keep muddy. Soil should dry a bit between waterings. I waited until leaves wilted to a degree, then watered.

There's more than watering and fertilizing Zebra plants, 'for flowering.' Toni

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