pumpkin vine "juice" is it drinkable or

jeanwedding(6 ky)November 6, 2012

As I pulled up my several pumpkin vines a clear liquid RAN out.. I assume it is not bad for us???? any one tried it???

I am praying my pumpkins will be fine when cut upen...

Thanks yall....


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What an unusual question. What makes you want to drink the juice from a vine? If you are asking if liquid coming from a vine is a sign that your pumpkins are bad the answer is no. The liquid is just water and other nutrients for the plants growth, I wouldn't drink it but it isn't dangerous. Nothing you've described is a cause for concern. Did your plants get hit by frost? That can damage the pumpkins if it was cold enough, but that would be obvious because they will turn to mush.

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Many tropical people drink vine juice (cut vine with machete, let it drip in your mouth). I have tried it, and it is indistinguishable from water.

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