My new (old ) find & a suggestion

janepa(Z5-6 PA)April 28, 2009

I recently posted a photo of my 'find' on the Garden Accoutrements forum, and someone suggested I should post it here. I am not sure if that was her evaluation of my 'find' since she didn't specifically offer one, but I thought you all might see what I see in this stove.

I bought it at an estate sale of my neighbor's brother for $20. I am trying to decide whether to keep it in the garden near a picnic table and some other seating, (where Pap, Grandma, and the grand kids could roast hotdogs, and marshmallows), or to put it on my back patio which is covered, but rather small. I thought of burning candles in it, or a faux log with a flickering flame.

It came to me in the galv. silver color, but I painted it with flat black grill paint (to withstand temps. to 1200 degrees) and then gave it a silver mist. I am going to repaint it in the black and highlight it in silver on the scroll work ring and the square base, along with a couple other places.

I would appreciate any suggestions you might have to make it look its best. I think it is very special, and if it is 'junk', it is the queen of junk. : )

Thanks for looking. Jane

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My only suggestion is sell it to me for $50 !! LOL

That is totally awesome .... I'm speechless . Are you sure that it's not a valuable antique ??? Have you researched it ? Is it actually usable ? How big is it ?
Nosey me ! LOL Even if it isn't worth a million - it's still a wonderful treasure !!!!

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That is gorgeous! Isn't it amazing how decorative they used to make ordinary household things? I think it would be great in the garden but like toomuchglass said, you might want to check into its value. You might not want to get it too rusty if it is worth a lot of money!

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sorie6(6b ok.)

That is very neat!! Whatever you do with it please take care of it. It's a beauty!! Thanks for sharing.

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janepa(Z5-6 PA)

Someone linked a website on another form where the vendor refurbished these stoves. They were offering one for sale that was a beauty in the same style as mine for $2400. It looked like they might have used chrome on the silver sections. This stove is actually functional, but there is part of an inner ring missing. It will not hurt its use for roasting hotdogs or using it as a faux wood burning stove for sure, but I think it would also work for actually burning wood or coal. It stands approx. 57" high including the 'toppie'.

I think my first preference would be locating it on the back patio (to give it some protection) with a small metal table and a couple of chairs.

Thank you for your kind words. Jane

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Wow that is gorgeous! I think your idea of placing it on your covered patio is perfect. I can just see it there with the table and chairs. You are so lucky to have found such a treasure. Thank you for sharing it with us.


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TwoMonths(So Calif)

Sending you here had nothing to do with your find Jane. They know that some have been posted here and we would be missing a great one if not seen here. The other site is really thing you buy or find for your yard and this one is really more things that are "often" junked out and we redo.
this one is a beauty...shelter it and keep it or sell it if you need the money, lol.

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WOW! Get out the marshmallows and sticks! I'm for roasting hot dogs & makin' s'mores with the GK's! You found yourself a beauty here & if it were me, I would use it!!! It would look magnificient in your gardens & you can always "add" more paint (when needed)! Great find...I would even say, "Great Steal!" Great, great, great! Jeanne S.

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Great buy!! You'll have lot of wonderful times cooking hot dogs & golden brown marshmallows with the GK's they'll think you got it just for them!! I'd put it on the patio so it doesn't walk off.(With economy somebody might take it to use!) It's a real treasure!!Jan

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Jane, I'm so glad you posted here and showed us your lovely old stove. Beautiful detail work on it and no wonder you wanted it. I think all of us here know that what many call Garden "JUNK" is actually garden art or treasure! Repurposing old things, giving them a new life, and sharing with others who love this sort of thing is what makes our Forum such a great place to be.
You won't find a friendlier group on the Web. Hope you share more with us.


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mzclassic(z9 FL)

Great find! That is absolutely beautiful1 I too would check on the value of it, hey you could have a real treasure and not know it. Thanks so much for sharing it.

Donna in Florida

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I also like the idea of putting on your patio. Much more enjoyment I think, when you are taking a much needed break from it all. Just sit and enjoy it either with candles (love this idea) or faux logs. It is a very nice piece. You definitely got your moneys' worth.


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Marlene Kindred

WOW!!! Love your find!! It is so pretty and very ornate! I have one that appears to be a little larger than yours, but I can tell you that the stove I have will run you out of the room it heats so well! So, I guess I'd say you'd have to try it on your porch to see if the ceiling gets too hot! But, it is definately a great find!!! Yay for you!! You can polish them with stove polish if you want well for me.

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

WOW! What an awesome find. Lucky girl! I would protect it as much as possible. Great heirloom to leave to the GK;s

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

That's a beauty! I had a similar one years ago that I actually used to heat the house. That was in my single days and after lugging it for several moves I finally sold it.
I think it would be great on a patio. More elegant than a chimera! Do protect it. I'm sure those rings are replaceable from somewhere (people sell parts from trashed stoves)

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janepa(Z5-6 PA)

Thank you all for your welcome and suggestions.

I finally remembered to look for a name and numbers and this is what I found - it was made by READING STOVE WORKS READING PA ORR (on left side, below the center door) and on the right it has PAINTER & CO READING PA. On the inside of the center door it has 141T0184 SS OAK.

Some of the information I found on a website when I did a search for Sunshine Oak stoves is that P.D. Beckwith -Round Oak Stoves seems to be the original inventor of the Round Oak stove, and the other manufacturers, such as Painter and others are 'copycats'. Even so, if this is the case, I still really like this stove, especially the scroll work, and think it will add much to our space.


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