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janetgia(5b IA)April 21, 2013

Here's a fun little picture from our old house. This area was at the foot of our front steps. (They are out of frame. The steps in the background actually go up to the deck.) The wire chicken was a Mother's Day gift about 10 years ago. Looks like she's holding a potted sweet potato vine. She's set in front of an old wooden chicken coop that was a junking find. I made the little Welcome sign; looks like potted mums in front of her. And, sticking up behind the chicken coop, those are my nemesis: silver maple tree shoots. The original silver maple tree was planted on the other side of the property. Its roots rambled just under and sometimes on top of the surface for yards and yards, sending up shoots every several feet. I battled them constantly, always trying to keep them clipped back, which of course only strengthened their resolve. I miss the gardening spaces at this house, but not the silver maples! Still have the wire chicken - she's getting a new paint job this year.

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She looks like she means business, guarding the "coop" Lovely coloring with the yellow flowers & green at back!! Nice pic! TFS Jan

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