My version of a bottle tree

chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)April 9, 2012

Blue bottle are a rarety around here and since we don't drink brown bottle are just as scarce so this is what I did...

Image link:

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Shakespeare said, ""A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" thus your bottle tree is still a bottle tree and a very unique one at that!! That is putting creativity to work! That is what this site is for to share creative ideas and set our little brains to work. Thanks for sharing with us.

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I don't drink either, but for awhile I got
brown bottles from across my road (woods)
where someone threw one out every morning,
on the way down to the day care center.
(drinking and driving with children!!!)
I see them all along the roadsides, but
can't always find room to stop!

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It's a very small pic but looks interesting. Jan

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I can't see it, Chels! Wine glasses? Looks unique...can you post a larger pic! Jeanne s.

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Go to a local bar during the day. Most will have the bottles stacked on the back somewhere.

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That is so unique! I love all the great ideas I get to gleam from this forum! I am still on the lookout for a nice wrought iron fence that somebody had lined up blue bottles on. I have a couple doz green bottles waiting for thier turn to become a bottle tree...I just LOVE bottle trees, bushes, etc!

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