chlorophytum cutting

asleep_in_the_gardenSeptember 8, 2010

got one rooting at the moment but i'm not sure if it's even what i think it is. the babies had babies which had babies and so on in a way iv'e never seen before.

is this thing even a chlorophytum or am wrong in this assumption?

hopefully someone in here knows.

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wandering_willow(6 NYC)

I've heard of this happening, though none of my spiders (who are rather old and have many babies) have ever done this, except once when I rooted a baby still attached to the mom, and then forgot to cut it off after it rooted, so i guess technically it did, but not as profusely as you describe!

I'd love to see a picture!! I'm sorry I can't be more helpful, but perhaps with a picture I could :)



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sadly pictures aren't a possibility right now...
i've done a little bit of googling but no results as of yet.
except for what i've mentioned earlier the plant really does look like a chlorophytum so i don't know. hopefully someone here knows something...i didn't know where else to go.

also, might help if i state that the lighting is that of an office without windows. strictly fluorescent lighting...that is all.

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