spiderplant reverse varigation

jake579September 1, 2013

I purchased a varigated spider plant today, i belive it is reverse varigated because it is green on the edges and white in the middle of the leaves. it has several stalks with new babies forming and i wasnt sure if i should trim them or leave them. wil the babies drain energy from the parent plant if i leave them? any advice on that and anything else I might want to know/consider would be more then appreciated. Thank you so much :)

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You can leave the babies on As long as they're not too big. If the mother plant ever seems like it is rundown, Weak, or has been declining, you can cut them off to lighten the load on the mother. The ones with green on the outside of the leaf have less chlorophyll to photosynthesize with so bright light is best. Let the soil dry a little between waterings. Spider plants are sensitive to chemicals in tap water so watering with rainwater or distilled should be ok. You can create seed too by pollinating the flowers with a paintbrush. Good luck!

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Thank you so much!! I've seen some spider plants at our fav restaurant and it has so many babies...both large and small...that you almost can't see the pot anymore....the stems on mine are just over a foot long will those fill out over time? or do the babies just grow on the ends? I'd love to know what to expect from this beast hahaha

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