I'm working on a GJ project no one likes

toomuchglass(5)April 22, 2012

Call me crazy ( like everyone else does ) , but I love crows. We had them here one year and I loved to watch them .

They're soooo smart.

They left , now I'm making a feeder to lure them back. I'm making it out of an old wire shelf & hardware cloth and junking it up ! Crows like shiny things , don't they ?

I'm working on it the next couple days . I'll post piccs when I'm done. Yeah -- Crazy Kathy Loves Crows ! LOL

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Try getting a crow decoy for your garden, it might lure them in. I have one that I got at an putdoor mart years ago. I don't know if it works but we have plenty of crows (including the coastal fish crows that showed up here in Missouri and took up residence after Katrina, but that's another story).


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I'm with ya Kathy!!! I am C.R.A.Z.Y. about crows!!! I am on the hunt for a special garden art project...I want a Murder of Crows!!! So I think I need about 5 of them to do that. I have one metal crow that looks so realistic, that people think it's real! One time it had snowed and somebody thought that it looked funny to see a real(not) crow with 6inches of snow on it's back...sitting on the fencepost!ha!
When I was a little girl, I had a pet crow...I love them!

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Marlene Kindred

Crows are cool...guess I hadn't thought much about them since they are common birds here. The only time they weren't thought of with much fondness was when my Dad used to grow a garden...they could do a lot of damage to veggies. But, we have crows, blackbirds and ravens. Talk about big birds...ravens are huge! So I say go ahead and try to lure them in....don't forget to let us see your feeder!

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

My Aunt had a pet crow. He was a hoot!! Like Marlene we have crows, blackbirds, raven and lots of turkey vultures. Ugly but they sure do keep the roads cleaned up!!!!!

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spedigrees z4VT

I really love your mosaic, Calamity!

I, too, like and admire crows. We have both crows and ravens here, so I'm told, although I can't tell the difference. We have had a threesome for the past 6 or 7 years that walk about in our meadow in the mornings, pecking at bugs in the grass. I once read that they mate for life, and that if a crow is widowed it will sometimes join up with a mated pair and hang out with them. So I wonder if that is the life situation of our 3 crows.

I know that crows like very tall old evergreen trees, but that is not something that you can install overnight.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

If you put a bowl of dog food out, you should get crows. They really like gravy train!

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I had a pet crow that was crazy for pizza and Gaines Burgers. I still have this great memory of sitting out in the backyard sharing a pizza with my ex-HS sweety that had stopped in to visit. We were sitting there gabbing across the table with the pizza between us when the crow swooped in and grabbed a slice of the pizza on the fly. The piece was momentarily stuck to the box and he crashed in the middle of the pizza. As he tumbled the piece came loose and he rolled off the table with it. When I looked over the end of the table he was on his back, wings still spread, still clutching the pizza, with a "What just happen?" look on his face.
It still makes me laugh.

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Marlene Kindred

OMGosh...I love that story tinfoil...leave it to you to have such a funny experience!

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Well -I'm glad to know I'm not that weird ~~ !
I'm hoping to get them used to me out in the yard & maybe I canget close. I would LOVE to have a tame one !!!

My feeder is not coming out as good as the pic in my mind. I'm working with hardware cloth and my poor fingers are all cut up . OUCH.

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DH would be more than happy to send you some of them from around here~~~~~~~~~~They ate all his KOI,not once but twice,so he put in goldfish and they ate those also.

He has the pictures of them doing it on video.He brought the video camera(cheap one) to set up just so he could see what was eating the fish.I thought it was racoons or some other creature from the canyon,but nope,it was crows!!!

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Oh Kathi! Got a pic of your pond?!

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I too LOVE crows! Behind where I used to live, they would gather twice a year or so for a family reunion. Hundreds of crows would fly in for days! What a ruckus that was. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, and I could choose, I would like to come back as a crow. They are smart, eat anything, have no natural preditors, live in families, have parties and can FLY!

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Several yrs back crow was caught in fishing string in neighbor's pine tree very high up. He would try to fly & take off & fall about 15 in.over & over again & come evening as sun was going down the neighborhood suddenly had over 100 crows, they were everywhere all cawing & some would get close & sit on branch near him(giving him encouragement I guess)I was going to call someone next morning but he was gone. Last week as I came out of alley, I saw a crow looked kind of odd way he was walking then I realized he had broken his leg & his left foot was backward & useless & he was actually walking on the leg & not the foot that had managed to heal. I see him all the time now. Another time 1 lost it's mate & the 2nd bird would not leave it. I finally asked the neighbor man if he would pick it up & still the bird kept walking around until nightfall & came back several times following days. Dad thought they mate for life but don't know if that is so or not. We seem to have 3-4 up in pine tree but that's all. I like them. Hope you crow thing works out!! jan

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I too like crows. The used to have meetings every morning in out old apple tree till it died. Now sometimes hundreds gather up the hill around the resevoir where I walk the dog. One day there were a hundred or so walking in the field int he snow making foot prints everywhere. The dog chased them and they all swooped up but didn't seem to mind too much. They know we mean them no harm I think.

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Sorry for the delay,but life got in the way.Here are a couple pictures of our pond.

enjoy the view.

Those rabbits and squirrel have been removed.Don't even know why dh put them their!! LOL

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sorry should be "there".

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OMG .... how awesome is that. I wish I had someone near me to advise me how to make a cool yard !

PS .... I have my crow feeder up .... they just don't see it. I have suet , fat & thin strips of meat in it ... the just don't seem to notice it. I can hear them nearby though !

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Watch out for raccoons, toomuchglass! Sounds like you're feeding the crows gourmet style! LOL! Hope the crows find it first! We've got a pesky raccoon tearing up bird feeders ...haven't caught him yet! Share your completed project, please! Jeanne S.

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Nice pond!!! I almost made one from the same type of building blocks!!! I was gonna use a rubber liner tho....LOVE the lily and the elephant ears!!! Now where is the pic of the bird feeder???? Oh, and my pond just had something eat my fish, and it got a bad case of string algae so I drained the pond...and the waterfall side caved in(sand bags deteriorated!) (shoulda used the blocks!?!)sheesh...

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spedigrees z4VT

Wow Kathi, I LOVE your pond and the whole area around it! What a colorful and beautiful oasis you have there! I'm very envious!

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Thanks guys,.
Let me tell you the story behind that pond.Back in 99 dh suffered a small stroke,and after we went through 4 months of pt and other therapies,he could no longer work.Boredom set in big time as he was used to staying busy.Up to that point the yard and gaedens were all mine,he never showed much interest,didn't know a hoe from a shovel(not really).So since our backyard is terraced into 3 levels,i told him he could have the very bottom level to do whatever he wanted with it.His first project was the pond,said he had always wanted one.

So we went to home depot and bought the liner and a book on ponds,and after many more trips to home depot,and garden centers that pond and the surrounding areas are what he did.

Later on he also made a veggie garden,that one wasn't as successful,since there is a canyon behind our fence,all the critters from the canyon thought we had made dinner for them.After several attempts,we finally gave up and planted more plants.
Glad you enjoyed the view.

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Just seeing this. I do love me some eye candy! Lovely pond. I think the critters are charming, myself. I have a couple half hidden amongst the plants. Not immediately noticable but a sweet treet for a sharp eye.


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