A rusty old 4 prong pitchfork head

toomuchglass(5)April 30, 2011

For a dollar ! There's an ongoing rummage by me --- they have an old rusted pitchfork head for sale. ( no handle ) I walked by it so many times -- stared at it --- and went brain dead .

AAARRRGGGHHH !!!! Maybe someone here could use it.

If there's any interest -- I can go back and get it. It's only a few blocks away . Postage would be cheap -- it's not that heavy . Let me know !!!

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We gotta change your name to: TooFunny!lol!

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Too bad I'm too late! I'd have taken it and I would have come pick it up too! he-he

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i actually have one and i've tried to come up with a decorative purpose but i've yet to have an epiphany......

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I've seen an old rake head ( not the flexible kind but the kind that has tines that are only about 3 inches long and made of steel) used as a "hairdo" for a face. It looked like bangs. I have 2 of them that I need to do something with. I may hang one on my potting bench and use it to hang hand tools on.

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rafor..if you've got a porch area or potting shed, a good use for those old rake heads is to mount them on a wall & hang your flowers and/or herbs to dry. If you're using those old barn doors for a potting table/bench, you could hang them on there! Looks cool! Jeanne S.

Here's one that I really love...from the GJ Inspiration Album ...metal creations...it's one "kudzukween" made:

Here is a link that might be useful: GJ Inspiration Metal Creations Pics

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