My brother got me a Zebra Hawarthia!

Lamora(4)September 17, 2012

And my fav. comfort food, wonder what he wants~~

I was there when he got it,(was real surprised too, his idea to get it, that alone is very strange)

It has a long stem coming out of a pup and the stem has flowers that are getting ready to bloom. So what does he do? Takes his old rickity truck on a bumpy dirt road. It bent the stem coming out of the pup. I don't think it is broken, just kinked. Will it hurt it like this? Will the flowers still bloom? Yes, I am upset about this. He didn't have to go that fast!!

I think I know the basics of this plant, but not sure what to do with the stem. It is kinked right at the pup. Usally a kinked stem will die. Least for me they do. Tomorrow I will get a pic in here for you if needed. But for now, Does anyone have any advice or ideas of what I can do? I am already in love with "Geroge". lol.

Thanks for anything you can tell me.

Marjie~ still wondering what he wants~~ /sigh

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Sorry, I know nothing about your new plant, just wanted to send good vibes and well wishes! And yes, I think you may be being buttered-up for something... Why do guys drive like that? It's one of the few things about which my honey and I disagree - must he drive so fast on bumpy dirt roads? Must be a guy thing! Hope your flower's OK!

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Lamora,

Should I just I call you Marjie instead? Which do you prefer? Don't know if you're goofing about its name or not, I think it's H. zebrina.

Haworthias are usually grown for their foliage rather than bloom & many who grow them find the bloom insignificant. If (or since) it's your first Haworthia bloom, I'm sorry, I can see you would have wanted to see it. Likely the flowering stem will die off if broken or damaged; it's OK to just pull it straight out of the plant in one swift, hard pull once it's dried up. The plant may or may not grow more of them, no harm to the plant either way.

Basic care of Haworthias is excellent drainage, good bright indirect light, but not direct sun. Mine are either sheltered by other plants, or on the edge of a window rather than front & center where I get unobstructed western light.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Oh, another point about Haworthias & watering. When in doubt about if you should water, don't.

Here's a pic of one of mine trying to bloom last week; these flower stems pooped out. This just reminded me to pull them out. This is a Haworthia truncata.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

O jeez that's a weird-o! Looks more like a geological formation than a plant. They keep these things near the cactus? I need to start looking past the prickles more often and see what's there. If it does the flower thing again, how about humoring us with a pic of that before you remove it? I sure would like to see it if it wouldn't offend your vision too much... Hahaha!

And yours, too, Lamora. I killed a couple of those before, no idea they could bloom.

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Hi! Purple- thanks for the good thoughts. Really feel like I need them now.

Pirate- Lamora or Marjie, Doesnt matter :) Lamora is a toon for an online game I used to play, Would do anything to be like her- lol. I use it a lot online. Funny tho, didn't realize this till last week. My dad's middle name is LaMar. (he hates it) Wonder if that has something to do with why I love the name.

But anyway- here is a pic of my new family member. The stem going downwards is the one with the flowers on the end, if you can see the buds. The other stem is what was cut off the mother plant, I think.

I think it is such a nice addition to my small collection. But do you think the stem is ok? Or can you see it? The close up didn't come out too well.

Thanks again~
Marjie (hoping for the best)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Yep, that's what I killed, definitely a nice addition, they're usually a lot smaller when I see them for sale. Love it!

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Karen, I love your Haworthia. Never saw one with edges such as yours. Very nice.

Marji. Wow, your collection really increased. To think, it all started with a Spider you're into succulents. :)

On the stem of your Haworthia, looks more like a baby Spider than an Haworthia flower. What the heck? lol

Ever find out what your brother wanted? Men! Can't trust them, can't XXXX them. lol. j/k.

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Nope, never did find out what he wanted. Maybe he is just being nice? nawwww, but I'm keeping my guard up.. lol. There is only one man that I "need", and he's been my best friend for 36 yrs. :) (and it aint my brother!!)

And yes, it all started with a Spider Plant... now 20 plants later... who knew?? lol

Here is a pic of the baby in question. I can't find a lot of information on this particular plant, when is a good time to put it in the pot? and so far the stem is doing well, but it's only a few days. Keeping fingers crossed, wouldd really like to see it flower. doesn't look kinked in the pictures, does it.. maybe it's ok after all.

sorry about the blurryness of it, wanted to focus on anything but the plant itself!
this one may be a better shot.

Wish me luck~~

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Marjie..your off-shoot is amazing!

Do you intend on rooting the baby/offshoot?

One way is to set a seccond pot with medium next to mom Haworthia. Pin baby in medium, leaving stalk on, in the second pot until it roots. People root Spider Plant off shoots this way.

My Haworthias flowered, but produced actual buds/flowers, not baby Haworthias..That's really something. Reminds me of a Pineapple Bromiliad. lol.

I wish you luck..a rare experience.

Yep, keep your guard up until your brother confesses what he's really up to. Of course, he might have matured, just being a 'good guy.' lol.
Since I don't know your brother, it's hard to say. Toni

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Why not just get a little pot of proper mix for your plant and then put it next to mom's and just kind of fasten the pup down onto the surface (with the rooting surface down of course) with toothpicks or whatever you have, and then see what happens? Don't water it though, until it starts to grow on it's own. I am thinking that if the pups are one of nature's way of making increase plants in the wild, then it can't take much. I wonder how big the pup would get still attached to the mom with no intervention? (I've always just cut them off lately. I think it is funny just how long and involved some of these flower stems get.) I have rooted Haworthias, but it was a larger kind, but I'm not sure it was from a pup on the flower stem. I don't remember what I did exactly. I think I would cut everything away except for the part I wanted to root, and then go from there.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

Isn't that the darndest thing?! Cool!

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Thanks for all the nice comments on my new baby! She is new for me and I do have a few questions on her. (oh, wait, her name is George, lol)

Hopeful, I kinda wanted to root it, put it in the same pot as "mom".Or, maybe, just see what will happen if I leave it alone? IDK, This one is new to me. :) If it grows like the Spider plant, would just leaving it like this hurt it? Or does it need the soil?

How big will they get? Will this pot hold some more? From what I am understanding, and you can correct me if I am wrong, these grow 6-8" tall, so this one doesn't have that much more to grow. Was also wondering about the root mass, how big can the roots get? I am not going to re-pot it till the baby is more mature and it flowers~ if it does.

Toni- as far as my brother goes, lets just say, you will NEVER know all the sides to him. He only lets YOU see what HE WANTS YOU TO SEE. I/we know him better. I wouldn't want my worst enemy to date him. Let me put it that way. and when he does something nice for nothing? Makes us, that know him.. wonder.. But enough of him.. ;P

Anything on this plant, I would be very greatful. The pup just hanging there really is kinda "cute" lol
Marjie~~ (mom of 21 plants now!)

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Why don't you try cacti & succulents forum, and search for posts about this haworthia. There is lot of knowledge there about these plants.

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