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Calamity_J(z7bc)May 1, 2011

I have been super busy getting my yard tidied up to host a Open Garden, whew, been hectic as I was sick, then bombarded with work this week too, but a nice sunny day and am sighing with relief that it's a done deal and I can get to PLAY!!! I have a Gnome Garden to get done and want to make some Garden Junk! Tomorrow, I am treating myself to a cement mixer...oh ya, I'm gonna have some great fun!!!(A reward for all my hard work!) Finally got the Seahorse by the pond(Boy, is he heavy!!!) I took some pics to update everyone on the yard projects....

Here is a link that might be useful: Open Garden 2011

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All your hard work really has paid off, it looks terrific! I love all your mosaic pieces especially your sea serpent & the cute bunnies & the egg, so cute! Did you have to feed them also? Very nice spread!! I'm hungry now! Love your koi pond & how the arbor goes into the patio area & the different seating areas. Cement mixer sounds like work not play, but I guess we will have to wait to find out what you are up to now! Oh, I loved the flowers panel & the orange one out in the yard. Great placement on those 2 items. I bet you got lots of nice comments on all your hard work! Now enjoy!! TFS Jan

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Your seahorse sure turned out great. I love all your mosaic pieces. Everything looks fantastic. Thank goodness for garden junk since the garden hasn't filled out completely. I love those tulips though. Wish I was closer so I could enter to win that gazing ball!

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Lovely! I especiallly love all the mosaics. I have trouble with mosaic...perhaps you can help me. I use mosaic glue to attach the pieces and use regular grout, but my pieces fall apart over time. Like a bird bath I made in the Spring, things were falling off it before fall hit. I'm obviously doing something wrong! Do you seal your final project with something? What?

I do live in rainy Washington state, so my projects need to hold up in the rain. Any suggestions!

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calamity, your garden is wonderful. I love your mosaics. Everything is really truly neat. - Marylee

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Everything looks wonderful. I especially love the mosaic pieces.

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Wow you have been a very busy girl and everything looks picture perfect. I don't remember those bunnies they are darling. I just made DH sit watch your slide show, he also is very impressed, impressed but not motivated. We really like the fire pit area. Your garden ladies are in for a real treat.

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Thanks Everyone! I'm glad it's over and no, I didn't have to feed them...but I like to show off my mosaiced cake and tea set, and my little egg guys so I set it all up!heh heh! I only have goldfish in my pond, low upkeep that way. I would have to know more about your birdbath to figure out what is going on, Prestonsnana, all kinds of Calamities have happened to a bunch (most) of my pcs beacuse of the'd think I'd learn...Bring them inside for the winter!!!sheesh! All that hard work!

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Oh, calamity, what a treat this morning to "walk" thru your gardens! You've done an extraordinary job getting everything ready for the garden walk! (WOW...sorry you got sick, too...not fun).

Anyway, love the placement of the MAGNIFICIENT "seahorse"...looking over that pond of yours...I remember when it was a "hole" & WIP! It is gorgeous...your castle is still looking mighty fine out there, too!

All your mosaic pcs are always so BEAUTIFUL...those bunnies & mushrooms are some of my favs... & I still enjoy seeing that rooster topped totem! That deviled egg plate is TOO it!

Your gardens are bloomin' into life...always so rewarding thru out the summer & Fall! Your hill of adding old tires...looking good!, well HOT! EVERYTHING is beautiful! Thanks for the walk along! Jeanne S.

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Wow, I am so impressed with everything!! So cool!!! I loved it all but the rooster totems caught my eye and I thought what a great idea! It was so fun looking through all your pics. Thanks for taking the time to share them!!

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Everything is beautiful. At my age I see a lot of hard work. Thank you for sharing. Your gardens are an inspiration to us all. Enjoy! Jlily

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Wow!!! Everything is absolutely beautiful. All your work makes your garden a special place. You seahorse looks spectacular out by your pond. I think people who come to see will really enjoy and appreciate all you efforts. Thanks for giving us a tour.

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It all looks great you have done a great job!!! I do love that sea ser.

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

I remember the mosaic cake! That is so awesome. It's just beautiful! What a great oportunity to use it on your buffet table for the Open Garden! Like your egg holder too.

I like your square lattice panels. I like how you've got plenty of comfy chairs around. The pond area and the castle are just outstanding. I can just imagine sitting out there in the evening. Did you ever put lighting in your castle?

Love your mirror mosaics.

I really enjoyed the tour. TFS. What an inspiration you are.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

It all looks wonderful. Love the purple primroses, as well as everything else. Sea horse looks so good by the pond.
Love the deviled egg display.

But HOW did it go? Did you enjoy showing off? Was it a drag? Weirdo people? Or fun and a pleasure?
Enquiring minds want to know. Or that is nosy people like me.


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Thanks Everyone! The day was AWESOME! Lots of questions about the pond, everyone was so suprised by the "Back 40" Also known as :The Secret Garden"
it is a whole nuther yard!!!!heh heh! I didn't realize till the end of the day, just how Bagged I was! I must say, it sure is nice to go outside today, and enjoy the yard...not just run around "Staging" heh heh! Now I can

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Garden web posting wonky! I meant to say Cait inspired secret garden and the post should read, how the GOG trellis/arbor stops you then draws you to the rest! of the yard down below, lots of comments about the tire slope walkway too.

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