Two new houseplants! ? of identities

DearAmbellina(4 MN)September 15, 2013

I hit up my local houseplant dealer... lol which is just a grocery store, but the only place I can find houseplants!!

So I found these two and am I correct that this first flowering plant is a Kalanchoe blossfeldiania? And since it's orange I read that it's called a Tarantella, is that right?

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DearAmbellina(4 MN)

This is the second one. It was the smallest and kind of hidden and sad looking, but I was so curious about it that I needed to have it! None of the plants there have tags of names or info's unfortunately. Can anyone shed some light on this little guy. I searched my books and to me it looked a bit like the Peperomia Caperata or emerald ripple.

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the second one is a Peperomia, maybe caperata.

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