Houseplant I.D.?

Jeffrey SchneiderSeptember 27, 2013


I was wondering if anyone could help me identify the plant in the attached image. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Looks like a dieffenbachia to me. I don't have one so I don't know how to care for it though I probably could keep it quite happy with this magic touch I have with plants. I like your sansiveria there on the left. What species is it?

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Morning All,

Hi Jeff,

I agree with Pumpkin, your plant looks like Dieffenbachia.

Nowadays, there are a good number of species and cultivars, so sometimes it's difficult ID'ing plants accurately.

For instance, there are numerous Aglaeonemas that resemble Dieffenbachias.

BTW, does your pot have drainage? Drainage is a must-have, otherwise plant will rot.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I was thinking that it lookex like an Aglaonema cultivar....maybe 'Emerald Bay '. What size is it?

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Ditto Rhizo. :)

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Jeffrey Schneider

Thanks all! I DO think it's Emerald Bay.

I don't have a drainage hole. I haven't used drainage in over 20 years (like the clean, modern look of just a pot). I find the very specific watering needs of the plant and stick to them... enough to keep it watered and not so much that the roots rot. Anytime I've gone to repot, the roots have been healthy and beautiful.

Not sure about the sansevieria... here's a link to various cultivars:

Thanks so much!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Sansevieria

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