My DH got me a Wandering Jew!

Lamora(4)September 1, 2012

Hi all, no pics yet. but soon...

We went for a drive today and he stopped in that garden store I found. Said he had a question about something or other. I stayed in the car cuz I knew I was going to bug him to buy something. And he came out with that Wandering Jew! He got the one I was talking about! Silly man anyway, full of surprises, especially after telling me that we can't afford it. I am finding out that after 35 yrs, HE DOES LISTEN TO ME!! LOL

It isn't too big, but not a baby either, but the color sure was brillant in the sun! A few little stems broke off, but it didn't hurt it. They are in water now, going to try to root them.

ok, now comes the confession. I don't know the first thing about A Wandering Jew! I haven't looked up the care or anything yet. (came home to no internet!Uggh) The soil is damp, but not soggy. It looked like they just watered it. It was out in the shade with the other plants most the afternoon. Going to wait a few days before re-soiling it.

Can someone please tell me the basics of this plant? I can look it up, and I will, but I prefer "personal" touch. :)

I still can't believe he got it for me. I've been feeling really depressed lately and he thought this would cheer me up~~ and it did! :)


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Give your DH a big fat kiss, he does listen and he wants to cheer you up..kudos to him

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I have three of these plants - quadri color, more purple and more green. I do not have the red cultivar.

Anyway, I water them when they're dry. They're not super picky about humidity or light, which is why they are sold so often. If it gets a lot of direct sunlight, the colors kind of run into each other. They're easy to care for and easy to propagate. Just stick them back in the soil and they will root.

I feed them half strength every watering and they grow like weeds. Hope this helped!

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plantmasterm ~ gave him that kiss and a hug to boot! :)

goddess~ yes that does help. Thank You.

Was told not to let it dry up too much, soil had to be moist. 1/2 strengh was also mentioned too.

So, the stems that broke off, will they be ok in water until they grow roots? or should I put them in the soil now. They seemed to pirk up some since the water. I have never been good at soil rooting for some reason, they always have a hard time with it. (Any plant I have tried with, except the holiday cacti)

It seems a bit more fragil than I had expected. Or maybe it is just me.. It sure is purtty tho. Will have to get some pics of it soon and show it off. lol

Anyway, thanks for the info.
Marjie :)

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

It would be good if you could show a pic of the particular one you have. The general care is the same but each has its' quirks.

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The Ficus Wrangler

I agree with the goddess - water when dryish. Not to let the plant wilt, but the soil should be almost dry. I don't know why growers and plant store people still subscribe to the "evenly moist" myth. Very few plants will thrive if they are kept evenly moist. In my experience, mostly they like to dry out a bit between waterings. And you don't need to be in a big hurry to "resoil." The growers have already used good soil, because they're interested in getting good growth as fast as possible. Let her fill up the pot with roots before you worry about repotting. And did you know that "water roots" are different than "soil roots"? So when you root cuttings in water, then put them in soil, they still have to grow new roots for the soil. Have you ever tried rooting in wet perlite?

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I too just bought this Wandering Jew a few days ago. I've been looking everywhere for one of this color, all I ever see is the purple and all-green ones. I was very excited to find this, my favorite color is pink so I love pink foliage plants.

I also have the purple one that I got over a year ago. I do find that they need to be cut and rerooted every so often to keep it looking good cause the leaves on the top seem to fall off eventually (I think it may just not be getting enough light)and it looks sad. They do root REALLY easily and very fast in just plain water. As soon as they start to get roots, about an inch long, then I put them back in the pot, it's never failed me yet.

I would count this as one of the most easy plants to care for, but it needs alot of light to keep it looking good. It's also a good plant to take cuttings and to start other pots of it to keep or share. I've givin out alot of cuttings from mine to friends, I even gave some to a friend that kills ALL of her plants, and the wandering jew I gave her is still alive.


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I see some green leaves there - are they just new leaves growing green & eventually turning pink & striped?
Very nice plant.


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Fpt - that's quadricolor and it's gorgeous. I bought one at the Philly Flower Show. This is the only cultivar I have problems propagating.

And no, Rina, the leaves do not change to any other color. That vine is probably all green. I don't snip mine off...

And to Lamora, just stick them in the soil and don't over water. They will root. :) I have easily rooted the more green and more purple cultivars with absolutely no problem.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

FPT, I'd like to find one like that too. Fantastic! I LOVE those colors!

I've had the one pictured in this thread for a while. It grows prolifically, and will root if you just lay pieces on the surface. Occasionally the wind will break a piece off from a hanging basket plant (I have this stuff in baskets everywhere) and the pieces can survive laying in direct sun for an amazingly long time.

Found this at WM Friday. The tag says T. zebrina 'Red Hill' (from EA) but it looks and feels more like a T. pallida to me. If so I'm pretty sure it should make flowers, that would be the decider for me.

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JessieC777(Washington State 5)

Yay! What a good hubby! Mine would never do such a thing haha he already thinks I have too many plants.
I bought a purple one last winter and it almost died on me. I think it was far too wet from one of the big box stores watering schedules and the thing was completely pot bound. I was able to save some pieces of it and now I have a whole new plant lol It has been living at my moms for now. It grows like crazy! It will be a big ol cat before you know it. With mine I pinch off pieces and plop them back in the soil to make the plant bushier. It then puts out like 4 new shoots on each stem I pinch back on. Crazy plant. I know in some places down south they plant them right in the ground. I've heard they can get pretty aggressive and hard to kill though.

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

I have several different kinds as well as the wild ones growing in my yard. I like to let them cross and see what comes up next year. Hopping to get a hardy zone 6 that I can leave outside thru winter. I have a hairy purple one that can take a zone 7 winter but just can't seem to make a zone 6. It stays in a unheated room by a window and does fine.

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