Sundial area WIP

garden2garden(z8 FL)May 4, 2014

Been planning a sundial for this spot for a while now. Stacked up some odds and ends temporarily to get an idea of size and shape.

The curved piece on the arch will eventually be higher, too, when I get the posts pounded in and figure out how to attatch the rebar

At the speed I go anymore it may be a while before it gets done and it made kind of a pretty picture in the rain last week, so, thought I'd share.

This is from inside the garden, looking out.

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

Outside looking in.

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

Sorry for the multiple posts. Dial up makes photo sites tedious and sometimes unuseable alltogether.

Temorary gnomon. I had another piece of junk saved for a long time to use but it got lost in the yard somewhere. I was going through the shed the other day and ran across this guy. He sat on my parents shelf since before I was born. The top of his helmet is around here somewhere.

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This is going to be GREAT.

I used some fittings called panel clamps. They hook together the cyclone cage or kennel panels. They are like a figure 8 with bolt through center of the 8. I use them for many things You could hook one end of the 8 to the T post and put a little solar light post in the other end.. This would easily hold your rebar securely. You could use a hose clamp or just wire it to the cage clamp.

If this would not work for you there is another fence part. I do not know the name of it. I would have to get you a picture. It is supposed to be for pipe but will work on a T post. It slips over the top of T post and had a T across the top you slide the rebar into but it will not hold it securely. It is meant to clamp down onto pipe.You can barely see them on top of my cross piece. you can also see I used a lot of panel clamps. I think the 21 foot of pipe cost me 21 dollars and I forget what the clamps cost. They are my favorite building tool. LOL

Your yard looks lovely.

Here is a link that might be useful: This is what they look like.

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garden2garden(z8 FL)

Thank you shades. And thank you SO much for the info on the clamps. I couldn't picture what you were describing, but then when I actually saw the picture of them-I know exactly what you're talking about, in fact I think I may even have seen some around here in a bucket with a bunch of other spare parts. That looks like exactly what I need for this (and several other things that are still tied together with haystring :)

I think I have some more of those caps that fit over the pipe and the other one slides through, too, like is on the top of your pipe arch. (btw if you hang them they make real nice bell sound when they clang together)

I love your pipe and bed arch. Had to show you mine, so similar. My son worked for a place where they took down chain link fences for a while and I got a lot of parts before they went to the scrap yard. That's where I got my pipe.

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Love the pictures and the info. Very creative. Thank you so much for sharing. Marylee

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So glad it helped. I guess I graduated from bailing twine to metal when I found a great fencing store. And then I just saw it was gone and on investigation I found out the owner was in a car wreck and no longer with us. So sad for that. I felt like this guy was my junk savior. He was so patient when I tried to explain what I was trying to do then showed me the parts. Ha I can just imagine what he would tell his wife when he got home on the days I visited for project parts. ":That crazy lady was here again and do you know what she wanted to make this time?..........................."

I think I might have a bit of this pipe left. Will see about the chimes. Would sound lovely there. Wondering how long they need to be and is three pipes enough? thanks!!

Your little yard area is so sweet. I did a little more with mine but do not have a picture of it yet.

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Marlene Kindred

That's going to be SO cool when you're done! Love the little knight on top of the sundial in progress. And I totally love the copper swirly on top of it all! Can't wait to see the finished's gonna be great.

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Sometimes it just falls together ---- and then there is the rest of the time ;-)

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Lots of good info and ideas on this post!
I have lots of pipe/conduit from portable tents that collapsed during rainstorms when I went to Indiana to the festival. They threw it away, but I brought it home. I knew it would be good for things in the garden.

I really like the curved iron piece.

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What a riot! Back when was still able to walk the neighborhood & bring home odd bits from the gutters (literally), I came home with a heavy piece of metal that kind of looked like a pair of wings. Had NO idea, though what it was. Now I know it is half of a panel clamp. Though I do

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That is funny monnyandme2.

I used several of the panel clamps to hold my solar lights up on the fence. I clipped one end of them on the fence post and the other end made a hole I stuck the light post into. Since we usually get so much snow here I wanted the lights up high. I used the light weight ones as they are so much less expensive.

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I'd love to walk around your yard & look for things!! Looks very interesting & your sundial area looks so restful!!

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