Monstera Deliciosa Q :)

wandering_willow(6 NYC)September 28, 2010

Hey everyone,

So I recently rescued a very cute Monstera Deliciosa off a clearance rack at lowes - I've wanted one for some time, and am thrilled to get it so cheap, even if it needs a little TLC!

I've been doing some research here about them, and noticed a lot of people in past posts have mentioned putting a sphagnum moss pole in for them to climb/stick their aerial roots into, and am wondering if this is something my plant needs? Is it for looks or for the health of the plant?

I personally don't mind if it sprawls rather than grows up, but if it wants to dig its roots into a sphagnum pole and climb, far be it from me to stop it! haha.



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dellis326 (Danny)

By nature they climb. The leaves will grow larger and look nicer too if you have it grow upright. Plus it can get pretty big and attach itself to near-by things you may not want it to if you let it go any which way it hangs.

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